10 Most Dangerous Weapon in Manga and Anime Naruto


Ninja is not just always rely on technique and force them to fight the enemy, or to sneak into the enemy fortress, but also rely on their secret weapon that can be used when pressed. Not least the world of ninja Naruto (Manga and anime), which also has a lot of legendary weapons are dangerous, both for the opposition and for the heroes of the village of Konoha. Here are 10 of the most dangerous weapons in Naruto.

10. Samehada


Samehada is one of seven legendary sword that is certainly one of the most dangerous weapons in the ninja world of Naruto. Samehada itself means sharkskin own uniqueness that is like a living creature. Samehada will injure anyone who can use it in addition to their owners by generating a sharp thorn thorns all over his body. In addition Samehada also called chakra has the ability to take that Samehada is also able to cut the chakra threads though. Samehada owned by Kisame seized from Fuguki.

9. Kimimaro’s Spinal Vine Whip


Spine whip is only owned by one person namely Kimimaro. Kimimaro appeared to fight Rock Lee that overwhelmed then assisted by Gaara. Clan Kimimaro does have the ability to manipulate the amount of bone in their body so that Kimimaro can be freely used bones bones as weapons. Whips Kimimaro spine has become one of the most dangerous weapons in the ninja world of Naruto with the sharpness and speed brought by Kimimaro.

8. Kōkinjō


Kōkinjō rope is a weapon derived from the Sage of Six Path mode which is actually a pair with a sword called ?? Shichiseiken. “Tali Kōkinjō characterized blazing colors such as gold and dangerous because the ability is able to reach an enemy far distance. But unfortunately, this Kōkinjō rope users must have a large amount of chakra. But still Tali Kokonjo the most dangerous weapon in the world of ninja Naruto.

7. Gaara’s sand


Gaara’s sand is one of the most dangerous weapons in the ninja world of Naruto. Gaara’s sand appears first when Naruto and others start Chuunin exam. Gaara was then defeated Rock Lee who has incredible speed and eventually fight Naruto and Gaara issued Jinchuriiki beings who master jug Gaara. Which cause Gaara’s sand becomes dangerous is because of its ability to be used both for attack and defense and is often referred to as the perfect defense belongs to Gaara.

6. Doki


Doki is a Japanese flute. Doki has a meaning as a demon angry, but as the name suggests, Doki is one of the most dangerous weapon in the world of ninja Naruto due to hear his voice alone could deliver genjutsu or moves delusion on the other, resulting fight could not be continued because the opponent is definitely unconscious self. Doki who never showed up and very dangerous is Milim Tayuya, men Orochimaru, Sasuke when kidnapped. At that time Tayuya must fight the genius Shikamaru Nara but lost and aided by neighboring countries.

5. Kankurō puppet


Kankuro puppet was initially mistaken for a corpse that is always carried by Kankuro before testing begins Chuu-nin. However, over time the secret weapon that Kankuro puppet ninja run with the disc’s starting to look to the surface and become one of the most dangerous weapons in the ninja world of Naruto. the reason for using this weapon users do not have to deal directly with the opponent. Just enough to handle the puppets from behind the hideout. Also in the arsenal of the doll also has imbued by poison. Kankuro not only handle one but up to three dolls stuffed up this weapon more dangerous to deal with.

4. Sword of Kusanagi


Kusanagi sword from Orochimaru is the name that is stored in the stomach Orochimaru. When Orochimaru need this sword, will figure out a snake which then issues this sword for Orochimaru. Which makes Kusanagi sword into the world’s most dangerous weapon ninja Naruto in the fourth position is because Kusanagi can be moved by Telekinesis by Orochimaru as when Orochimaru thrust his sword to the Hokage to 3 when both hands are sealed.

3. Hiramekarei


Hiramekarei is one of the most dangerous weapons in the ninja world of Naruto. the reason that the form was originally a weapon is called a sword is dangerous because of its ability to change shape in accordance with the wishes of its users. This sword is owned by a relatively Chojuro and is one of the legendary sword 7 swordsman village fog.

2. Triple-Bladed Scythe


Triple-Bladed Scythe Hidan which is owned by one of the members of Akatsuki. The reason why the Triple-Bladed Scythe is dangerous is because of this crescent used by Hidan to jurusnya dangerous condition. Although the Triple-Bladed Scythe This could easily be used to kill, but Hidan only use it to obtain victims’ blood before performing the ritual. Therefore, the crescent-Triple-Bladed Scythe owned Hidan came in second place in the world’s most dangerous weapons ninja Naruto.

1. Kubikiribōchō


Kubikiribōchō have the meaning that scary carved sword to decapitate. The most dangerous weapon in the world of ninja Naruto is one weapon that many chased down by another ninja. The sword is inherited by a particular clan for generations. Kubikiribōchō originally owned by Zabuza, but three years after Zabuza died, Suigetsu pick it up and use it.