Top 10 Strongest Chakra Users In Naruto World


Chakra in manga and anime series Naruto is the energy used to perform various tricks. The more powerful jutsu or moves performed the greater the Chakra consumed for the moment. Therefore, the amount of Chakra also affect the power of the ninja.

10. Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha is one of the oldest character in the story of Naruto. Madara already living in the era of the great war who later founded the village of Konoha together rival clan Senju Hashirama. Initially peace between the two clans are successful, but over time the union between the two clans broke out resulting in Madara disappeared from the world of Ninja. Madara played a major role in the storyline of Naruto to finally show his true form in the fight against Naruto. Madara is one of the strongest Chakra owners who live very long in the world of Naruto.


9. Toneri Ōtsutsuki

Toneri Ōtsutsuki is a direct descendant of Hamura Otsutsuki. In addition Toneri Otsutsuki also the last of the family branch Otsutsuki clan who became a legend in the world of Naruto Ninja. One of the advantages is having eye Tenseigan sealed. With a strength which is a legacy of his parents, Toneri seek to punish humanity because of their behavior. Tenseigan currency strength belongs Toneri able to change the motion of the moon, but it can suck chakra jutsunya of an opponent’s body so against Toneri quite difficult for Naruto and his friends. Toneri Otsutsuki only appear in the Last Movie Naruto alone.


8. Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha is one of the main characters in Naruto. Naruto’s teammates who were on the team 7 Naruto’s rival in finding the strength to beat his older brother, Itachi Uchiha. But gradually the past stories about the clan began to unfold and eventually Sasuke vowed to protect the village of Konoha who sought to be protected by her brother. Sasuke became one of the owners of the world’s strongest Chakra Naruto. but because he is a descendant of the famous clan, studied at one of the legendary Sannin Orochimaru, Sasuke was awarded half of the chakra belonging to Hagoromo Otsutsuki so the ability to increase dramatically.


7. Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto is the main character in the anime or manga of the same name by name. Naruto winding life story led him to become one of the strongest ninja. He is one of the strongest Chakra owners but because of the Kurama or nine-tailed fox that became a source of strength, Naruto also studied with one of the legendary Sannin Jiraiya. In addition studied with Jiraiya, Naruto Sage also earned her a place where Jiraiya practice in that regard, no doubt. Especially in the final battle, Naruto was given half belonged Hagoromo Chakra Otsutsuki with half given to Sasuke. Therefore the strongest Chakra Naruto became the owner who is not from the clan Otsutsuki.

Six Paths Sage Mode

6. Ashura Otsutsuki

Otsutsuki Ashura is one of the clan members Otsutsuki. Ashura is the last child of Hagoromo Otsutsuki which means it could be considered as the grandson of the founder of the Kaguya clan Otsutsuki Otsutsuki. Ashura is the inheritor of his father’s teachings Hagoromo which later became the ancestral clan Senju and Uzumaki clan. Ashura is the last child of two brothers, both of which are the strongest Chakra owners.


5. Momoshiki Otsutsuki

Momoshiki Otsutsuki is also a member of the clan Otsutsuki of unknown origin. Momoshiki appear only in stories Boruto: The Movie are on a mission to search for Kurama. Ability to attract owned Momoshiki is eye Byakugannya which also has an eye Rinnegan in his palm. Rinnegan capabilities in the palm of his hand is able to absorb the opponents chakra so Momoshiki is one of the strongest Chakra owners.


4. Tail 10 (10 Tailed Beast)

Tail Ten (also called Jinchūriki) is a creature that is different from wild creatures to nine other tailed. Tail ten are creatures created from Shinju and also Kaguya Otsutsuki aimed to suck back the chakra that has been propagated by their children. Tail 10 is one of the strongest Chakra owners because therein are Kaguya Otsutsuki.




3. Hamura Otsutsuki

Hamura Otsutsuki is Children Of Kaguya Otsutsuki Which is Hagoromo Otsutsuki twin brothers. Both twin brothers each singer originally practiced under the protection of their mother ON Until finally sing sister, Hagoromo, know the nature of evil mother Yang expense of villagers to review gain strength. Knowing Hagoromo will rebel, Hamura brainwashed by his mother and against Hagoromo. The taxable income sing Mother dead, Hamuralah That brings Time To Time Of her chakra months And Died There.


2. Hagoromo Otsutsuki

Hagoromo Otsutsuki has a nickname Rikudo Sennin who is the inventor of the ninja who is now undertaken by the ninja in the Naruto world. Hagoromo as it is known is the twin brother of Hamura Otsutsuki who were both born by his mother chakra. But after growing up Hagoromo learn that his mother had acted nasty with villagers for the sake of a ritual so against him.

He was forced to fight against their own brothers and also seal his mother for the sake of peace of the world. Hagoromo then split her chakra into the nine tailed beast. Hagoromo is one of the owners of the world’s strongest Chakra Naruto, because of the dial comes ninja ah. Hagoromo then gave her chakra into two parts for Naruto and Sasuke to fight back Kaguya who appear to be doing Mangekyo Sharingan.


1. Kaguya Otsutsuki

Kaguya Otsutsuki an antagonist character and last most of the story of Naruto. besides not come from the earth, which is derived from the Moon, Kaguya is the owner of the world’s strongest Chakra Naruto. how not, the origin of all the chakras present from him. But to get these powers, Kaguya not hesitate reluctant to conduct experiments on humans that villagers so that later his son against him.