10 Anime Characters who are Smart but Play Dumb 2021

Anime Characters: One of the motives human beings love anime is for the memorable characters, whether or not they may be magical girls, worried parents, or adorable animals. A not unusual place trope in anime is the Idiot Hero,

a protagonist who acts silly however is in reality clever. Some have an exceptionally attuned talent that few others possess or a mystery identification

that they cowl with an airhead act. This person may also be a few forms of genius. However, they disguise it as a manner to difficult to understand their reasons or their plans. Idiot Heroes seem to exist in every anime. Even though they frequently feature as comedian relief,

Anime Characters

they are not any different, not unusual place in comedy anime than in other genres. They’re often the celebs of tremendous or even terrifying lively shows. They may be best while the tale takes a stunning turn, and the target market learns that the goofy person isn’t always what they are regarded to be.

10. L, Death Note (Anime Characters)

Almost anyone changed into fooled via way of means of L’s preliminary act in Death Note, even Light Yagamihi mself. L pretended to be simply some other LEO in a healthy while he referred to Kira out at some stage in a TV broadcast, and Light walked proper into his trap. That changed into how the target market changed into first brought to L,

and his highbrow prowess changed into constantly a thrilling assessment of how socially awkward he changed into. But, of course, he could have overwhelmed Light, too, if it hadn’t been for that pesky 2d Shinigami.

Anime Characters

9. Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Moon (Anime Characters)

When Naoko Takeuchi first created the person of Usagi, she desired her to be as ordinary and unremarkable as possible. That’s one of the motives she spends a maximum of Season 1 of Sailor Moon being any such ditz. It’s supposed to be a twist while she seems to be the chief of the Senshi, Neo-Queen Serenity, and the Messiah sooner or later.

Usagi, in reality, has a personal arc that can be trace from the beginning of the collection. When it involves management talents and knowledge of the nuance of a hectic situation, she is probably one of the most intelligent characters in anime history.

Anime Characters

8. Pikachu, Pokemon (Anime Characters)

He’s a little extra than the lovable sidekick at first. However, there may be differences to this adorable pocket monster that meets the eye. Pikachu is one of the few Pokemon who could have a communique together with his owner, even though the whole thing he says needs to be translated through Ash Ketchum, and he, in reality, has a few clever matters to mention.

Pickachu is probably similar to different characters, which have lots to mention with a confined vocabulary, like Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. However, he has extra in a not unusual place with characters like Yoda. He’s the crew’s brains and contributes lots withinside the manner of recommendation and wisdom, just like the motive he made for refusing to evolve.

Anime Characters

7. Maes Hughes, Full Metal Alchemist

When the target market first meets Maes in Full Metal Alchemist, he laughs over the cellphone approximately how deeply in love he’s together and his wife. He comes off as a complete clown for a man who is alleged to be having a critical chat with an advanced officer.

Playing the idiot is how Maes receives near his enemies. However, he changed into effortlessly one of the most intelligent characters with inside the display. His demeanor modifications absolutely while his actual assignment starts.

In a flash, Maes will become a badass undercover agent who is savage with the best 3 inches of honed steel. Maes will be the best ordinary human who made a mark on Envy, indeed considered one among anime’s maximum effective antagonists.

Anime Characters

6. Joseph Joestar, JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure

Most of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure protagonists constitute the Idiot Hero in a few forms, starting from the pure-hearted harmless to the cold, calculated planner who is feigning naivete.Joeseph Joestar is the latter. He’s the grandson of the unique protagonist Jonathan, who changed into an excellent instance of the suitable-hearted idiot who receives performance however perseveres.

On the other hand, Joseph has found out from his grandfather’s flaws and best pretends to be a fool. He’s making plans and strength hidden below a rebellious nature that got here from a difficult upbringing, which can appear to be stupidity however, it is all part of the plan.

Anime Characters

5. King Bumi, Avatar: The Last Airbender

There’s a little debate on whether or not Avatar is no longer: The Last Airbender is an anime; however, as a serialized lively collection offering a child with magical powers, it earns a niche in this list. Bumi’s complete component is gambling the idiot. However, he is now no longer simply an idiot. ​​​​​When the target market first meets Bumi,

he is unhinged and erratic, the stereotype of a mad king. King Bumi’s chaotic nature is what continues his enemies guessing. However, he is now no longer the best one of the maximum effective Earth benders alive. However, he is additionally an intelligent tactician and a meticulous planner who’s instrumental to Aang’s success.

Anime Characters

4. Monkey D. Luffy, One Piece

Also referred to as Straw Hat Luffy, or simply Luffy, the primary protagonist of One Piece now no longer silly as a good deal as he’s stupid and carefree. Luffy is the form of the man who continuously overeats and, once in a while, acts impulsively. However, he is reckless or irresponsible about defensive his team and his friends.

Luffy appears to experience appearing like a fool sometimes, simply due to the fact it is fun. Secretly, even though, he is very sensible and courageous, as he has proven masses of instances at some point of the collection’s impressively lengthy run.

Anime Characters

3. Goku, Dragon Ball (Anime Characters)

Oh, candy, little Goku! This factor of his personality is entirely consistent and would not simply confer with toddler Goku from the unique Dragon Ball Series. Of course, there is that complete count of having dropped on his head as an infant; however, apparently, that had the beneficial aspect of creating him a hero in place of a villain.

Goku is one of these adorable idiots who receives effortlessly taken in via way of means of extra clever and malicious characters. However, it is now no longer due to the fact he is silly. Instead, it’s best due to the fact his positive nature continues him from suspecting terrible intentions.

2. Gourry Gabriev, Slayers

Every celebration desires a tank, and anime fanatics who also are into RPGs will respect the person of Gourry for simply this reason. He’s the traditional Fighter: a chunk gradual at the uptake with maximum matters; however, he is an expert about his sword. Gourry has an uncanny capacity to precisely realize how to strike his foes,

nearly like he has an everlasting Alert or True Strike buff. That’s best while the adventuring celebration desires a tank, and with the DPS powers of Lina Inverse, Gourry can indeed display off his prowess as a grasp in combat.

1. Kotetsu, Tiger and Bunny

Also referred to as Wild Tiger, the call of his superhero persona, Kotetsu’s most significant trouble is that he is too suitable for someone to be on TV. It makes him appear to be a naive idiot because he is in over his head about the strain and exposure of sponsors and commercials; however, it is because he is awkward in place of simple.

Kotetsu is the best superhero who appears to apprehend authentic heroism in place of the opposite, so-referred to as “heroes” who need to affect their sponsors, including Bunny. Wild Tiger is, in reality, the clever one; it is anyone else on Tiger and Bunny who is silly.

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