10 Anime that should have stopped after the Season 1

10 Anime: More isn’t always continually better, as is demonstrated with the aid of using that anime collection. So while their first season becomes splendid, they need to be left at that. When an anime has a plot too severe for only a handful of episodes, enthusiasts realize it will get a Season 2.

This extension makes a lot of feel for anime tailored from the supply material, including manga, mild novels, or even visual novels. Thank fully for enthusiasts, maximum multi season variations emerge as really well worth the watch, or possibly tolerable on the very least.

Unfortunately for a few anime, a multi season run isn’t always well worth the risk, irrespective of the length of the storyline. Sometimes, cheerful anime lose their shine after some seasons, and possibly even after Season 1. These anime might have ended on an excessive word had it now no longer been for season extensions.

10 Anime

10. Sword Art Online (2012)

Fans can keep in mind Sword Art Online because the anime that gave the “digital global isekai” style a refreshingly contemporary day take. When the VR MMO “Sword Art Online” made a record breaking launch,

Kirigaya Kazuto (Kirito) and 49,999 others located themselves not able to go away the digital sport. It doesn’t assist that demise withinside the MMO additionally intended demise in actual existence. Thank fully, Kirito so takes place to be an exceptional participant inside the sport.

While the primary season offers a stable tempo approximately getting out of “Sword Art Online,” the following seasons exacerbate the primary’s unique issues. It doesn’t assist that different seasons contain new MMOs,

new additions to Kirito’s harem, and the expertise that Kirito will continually strengthen through with no stable person improvement.

10 Anime

9. K Project (2012)

In K Project, seven psychic Clans of Color preserve a mystery dominion over Japan’s affairs. These Clans, led with the aid of using the Seven Kings, are these days grieving over the homicide of Tatara Totsuka, a pacifist from the Red Clan’s HOMRA.

Unfortunately for everyday pupil Yashiro Isana, he bears an uncanny resemblance to the assassin of Tatara. K Project chronicles Isana’s adventure as he, with the assist of swordsman Kuroh Yatogami and pussycat Neko,

attempts to get to the bottom of what indeed befell withinside the latest beyond. Fans loved K Project for its exciting tackle Clan aesthetic and person designs. Its regular first season did pretty a first rate take to Isana’s tale as well. Unfortunately, the second season relied on an excessive amount of on shonen tropes, which affected the collection’s attraction.

10 Anime

8. Tokyo Ghoul (2014)

An exciting take at the supernatural style, Tokyo Ghoul facilities round an exchange fact wherein ghouls – human searching creatures that live to tell the tale ingesting flesh coexist with regular people. Tokyo Ghoul starts evolved whilst pupil Ken Kaneki unearths himself converted right into a half ghoul after a date long gone wrong. Regardless of the assist of his new companions,

Kaneki will warfare to fulfill the stability among his human and ghoul nature. Tokyo Ghoul charmed visitors with a gripping and fast moving storyline for its first season despite its traditional shonen anime approach. Sadly, its 2nd time out lacked equal power and didn’t hold the momentum it initially initiated.

10 Anime

7. Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! (2013)

Anyone who’s ever had their “make consider” level prolonged into their early life has something to name this existence phase: chunibyo. In Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Yuta Togashi enters excessive college with the hopes of having beyond his chunibyo stage. Sadly, Rikka Takanashi learns of Yuta’s beyond because the “Dark Flame Master” and drags him into her chunibyo phase.

Fans will admire the collection for its sheer attraction and hilarity, particularly folks that can relate to the chunibyo condition. But, sadly, the second season lacked the personal improvement of the primary. And even as the second season trusted the collection’s slice of existence aspect, it didn’t show sufficient to assuage enthusiasts in the course of its run.

10 Anime

6. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2006)

Despite its slice of existence premise, The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya packs pretty a punch in its context. When Haruhi Suzumiya drags Kyon to shape the SOS Brigade, she does so with inside the hopes of locating aliens, time travelers, and espers. Unknownst to Haruhi, the 3 new contributors they’ll acquire are the very 3 matters she’s been seeking.

As they’ll monitor Kyon, they’ve been tasked with using their respective groups to study and hold existence unique for Haruhi because the latter has latent fact warping powers that could spoil the global. With this exciting premise, any such disgrace enthusiasts gave its 2nd season pretty the thumbs down.

Moreover, it’s extra unlucky that its 2nd season suffered in particular because of a quick tale that was given dragged into eight episodes, main to combined reception.

10 Anime

5. Bleach (2004) (10 Anime)

With 366 episodes that didn’t even touch the manga’s very last season, enthusiasts can cry foul with the concept of Bleach having the best one season. However, Ichigo didn’t count on getting dragged into the game struggle of Soul Society towards Hollows and different supernatural threats.

Fans can argue that this primary Season has showcased Bleach at its strongest. These include its stylistic punk-ish take at the Shinigami and the Quincy and writer Tite Kubo’s knack for routinely first rate strategies and fights. Sadly, enthusiasts ought to describe the last Bleach arcs as repetitive and missing the texture of the primary season.

10 Anime

4. Psycho-Pass (2012) (10 Anime)

Psycho Pass is about near destiny Japan, wherein the enigmatic Sibyl System completed order in society thru dealing with everyone’s intellectual states. Through a person’s Psycho Pass, the Sibyl System can decide their Criminality Coefficient or their propensity to devote a crime.

Upon achieving a positive point, the Public Safety Bureau will intervene. And like every cyberpunk tale, the whole idea has extra than meets the eye. Psycho Pass effortlessly has become a first rate addition to mystery cyberpunk anime style many of the likes of Ghost in the Shell.

Its regular first season flawlessly encapsulates the societal and philosophical ramifications of a device ruled with the aid of using “emotional control.” Sadly, its 2nd season extends the Psycho Pass narrative wherein it’s now no longer always needed.

10 Anime

3. Log Horizon (2013) (10 Anime)

Anime enthusiasts displeased with Sword Art Online and its take at the “trapped interior an MMO” can admire Log Horizon. Following a similar premise, protagonist Shiroe and his pals Akatsuki and Naotsugu discover themselves trapped withinside the hit MMO “Elder Tale” after its eleventh update.

However, unlike battle heavy SAO, Log Horizon tackles the extra mundane but severe components of everyday existence in an MMO particularly in phrases of a functioning sports economy. After completing an entire first season,

enthusiasts of Log Horizon have been, unfortunately, permitted down with the aid of using a lacklustre 2nd season. Instead of showcasing a story as heavy because the first, the second one, Log Horizon season, trusted slice of existence activities that quickly misplaced their attraction.

2. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED (2002) (10 Anime)

Despite its somewhat “lighter” take at the Gundam idea, Gundam SEED arguably popularized Gundam to a contemporary day target market out of doors the philosophical Neon Genesis Evangelion. In SEED, by chance, Kira Yamato pilots the Strike Gundam in a last ditch attempt to store himself and his pals. Unfortunately for Kira, his competencies will drag him into the continuing struggle are among ZAFT and the Earth Federation.

It doesn’t assist that Kira will unavoidably conflict with his friend, Athrun Zala, who joined ZAFT Forces. Fans reward Gundam SEED for final tremendously grounded in its philosophical arguments vis a vis its depiction of struggle are.

But, sadly, Gundam SEED Destiny did emerge as really of a shadow of its former self. Despite its attempts, SEED Destiny by no means pretty captured the appeal of Gundam SEED, and Shinn Asuka as a protagonist felt over shadowed with the aid of using SEED originals Kira and Athrun.

1. The Promised Neverland (2019) (10 Anime)

The Promised Neverland offers a refreshingly new take at the “people as opposed to demons” dynamic. In its setting, the yr 2045 marks over a millennium because people and demons created “The Promise.” According to this agreement, each species might step out of every different business,

besides people might create “breeding farms” to feed demons with sensible people. Emma and different orphans have been caused consider that achieving a positive age might lead them to be appropriate for adoption. And when they found out that their “adoption” intended being eaten with the aid of using a demon, Emma and the opposite orphans start combating for his or their existence.

Its premise and riveting storyline have been sufficient to make its season the first rate hit. Sadly, its next seasons shifted the tale far from the manga’s gripping narrative, hurting its reception. To upload insult to injury, the anime strayed far from the manga’s fascinating ending.

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