10 Best Female Anime Characters of All-Time

With such a promising start to 2022 and recent anime releases like Attack On Titan, Demon Slayer, and many others, anime has highlighted a lot of fantastic female characters. Even though male protagonists in anime still tend to predominate, there are still a tonne of compelling female characters that are impossible to ignore.

No matter the plot of the anime, female anime characters have won over fans with anything from powerful leading ladies to heartbreaking love interests. These anime women proved to be big favorites among voters on Ranker despite not always playing the primary role.

Female Anime Characters

Nezuko Kamado

Demon Slayer’s female lead is unquestionably the most well-known female anime character. Despite having been transformed into a demon, Tanjiro is an extremely endearing character due to her cuteness and compassion.

She may not be on screen as frequently as some of the other prominent characters, but when she does, she manages to leave a lasting impression, whether it be through her recent, incredible alterations or her wholesome moments.

Nezuko Kamado - Demon Slayer

Shinobu Kocho (Female Anime Characters)

A crew of demon slayers are followed in this hugely popular fantasy anime, yet it places a strong emphasis on the humanity of each character. Hashira Shinobu Kocho has so far become a favorite among viewers despite being only a supporting character in the anime.

Her tendency to hang onto her flaws, particularly her bitterness over the past, is one of the most intriguing characteristics of her persona. This, combined with her stern demeanor and deadly quiet temperament, draws followers into her world. She has a lot of unanswered questions, and anime fans are curious to learn more about her story.

Female Anime Characters

Mikasa Ackerman (Female Anime Characters)

Mikasa Ackerman is the most well-known female character in Attack on Titan because of her love and devotion to the show’s protagonist, Eren, and because of her commitment to that character.

This is far from the case, since she is rooted in her powerful mentality and physical ability. While these characteristics of her personality could suggest that she is placed on the sidelines, Additionally contributing to her popularity with fans are her terrible past and austere but kind nature.

Female Anime Characters

Violet Evergarden (Female Anime Characters)

In this brief anime series, a girl searches for herself and the meaning of love in the wake of war. As viewers and fans follow Violet Evergarden’s journey through the emotional highs and lows of the series, they will be able to empathize intimately with her as the title main character of this drama anime of the same name.

Although the anime is brief, Violet Evergarden’s emotional backstory immediately grabs viewers, making her a fan favorite among anime enthusiasts. Her character embodies the beauty of the programme throughout.

Female Anime Characters

Mai Sakurajima (Female Anime Characters)

A high schooler’s life is chronicled in this comedy-drama anime series as it undergoes a sea shift once he encounters a wild bunny girl who appears to be invisible to those around him.

While Mai Sakurajima, the protagonist and heroine of Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, frequently comes across as a kind but serious person, fans tend to find her to be most adorable when she exhibits signs of being easily agitated. The fact that she won Crunchyroll’s Best Girl award and went on to become their Eighth Best Girl in 2019 is evidence of her appeal with fans and that her portrayal is perhaps more realistic than the normal anime heroine.

Female Anime Characters

Nobara Kugisaki (Female Anime Characters)

The female leads in the action-packed series Jujutsu Kaisen Nobara stands out among the other characters in the show for being one of the strongest representations of a strong female role. The fantasy anime centres on a secret organisation tasked with freeing the globe from demon curses.

Additionally, she gives a lot of humorous moments and never hesitates to express her ideas. Additionally, she stands out as one of the best female characters despite having a lot of competition since her special abilities are visually appealing.

Female Anime Characters

Shasha Braus

To survive in hiding from the man-eating Titans, humanity, on the verge of annihilation, must build barriers. Sasha Blouse swiftly gained popularity despite having a smaller role compared to other characters in Attack On Titan, despite being one of the primary supporting characters.

Often providing the much-needed humorous relief in the middle of a tragic and, at times, serious series, Sasha, affectionately known as Potato Girl, is a favourite character. She was one of the most likeable and well-loved characters in the series and one of the most well-known female anime characters of all time thanks to her excessive love of eating and her favourable interactions with other characters.

Female Anime Characters

Shoko Nishimiya

Even though A Silent Voice isn’t an anime series, Shoko Nishimiya, the movie’s female protagonist, immediately won over admirers. The movie deals with a lot of difficult subjects while focusing on the repercussions of bullying and a developing relationship between two high school students.

She has a pure heart and is clinically deaf, yet her charming personality makes her seem quite likeable. She might not have been particularly outgoing, but she nonetheless developed close bonds with her audience. Shoko became the best female anime characters because of her own issues with both her physical and mental health, which helped people identify with and sympathise with her.


The assassins in this action anime are a band of people determined to overthrow an unjust regime. When first introduced, Akame, the titular character of Akame Ga Kill!, seems to be a ruthless murderer.

She is far more complex than that, though, and she frequently represses her emotions. As a result, there is a balance of emotion in addition to her merciless, lethal side, which is displayed to fans during dramatic combat scenes. This balance in her personality makes her one of the most compelling characters in the show, and as viewers follow her journey through the series, she is simple to love watching.

Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko Jabami, the affable leading lady of Kakegurui, is the ideal illustration of an anime character that can be recognised without necessarily having watched the series. In this thriller anime, pupils are ranked according to their gambling winnings while enrolled in a school.

Her devotion to the pleasure of the game, which she practises frequently and eccentrically, is both overdone and genuine, and her eerie and lethal emotions lure the viewer in. Although she might not be the most morally upright character, the anime series’ strong female lead is definitely a fascinating, well-written character.

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