1. Not Listed in Konoha

first Facts about the Uchiha Sarada, Sarada Uchiha birth is not recorded in Konoha village. This is caused because the time will bear Sarada Sakura, Sakura was not in Konoha but somewhere. Sakura’s currently in a critical mission together with Karin to find Sasuke. Sakura gave birth assisted by Karin outside of Konoha.

2. Grade Ninja

second Facts about Sarada Uchiha is property of Sarada ninja rank that was already reached the elite level of Genin. Level obtained by Sarada at a very young age it was not owned by Sarada one, but also by Boruto. Not surprisingly, the two of them often get a mission with a high degree of difficulty, including together with Naruto and other Genin level ninja. But the process has not been explained how they obtain the level or rank ninja. To be sure Sarada never do boxing is typical of her mother at the time of the ninja exam. No wonder already berlevel Genin.

3. Sharingan Eye

Sarada Uchiha Sasuke is a direct descendant of the Uchiha clan is the last. There for Sarada get Sharingan eyes that become the main power of the clan. Well the fact of the Uchiha Sarada, Sarada is quite astonishing is the one person who quickly mastered and perfected after Itachi Sharingan eye. Even Sarada currency strength and Amaterasu Mangekyou able to issue at a young age that even Sasuke even when it has not been able to master.

4. Strength Indra

Sasuke and Naruto at the end of the war ninja fight Chakra strength of Indra’s daughter against mother month. Each of them get half of the strength of Indra. Well the fact of the Sarada Uchiha associated with this is that it also has the power Sarada Indra Chakra is derived from her father in the form of Yin and Sarada Chakra can activate in desperate condition. Not yet known whether Boruto also capable or has this Indra Chakra. But that would mean Sarada was one of the strongest in Konoha at a very young age.

5. Genjutsu

Born of two parents who were disciples of the legendary Sannin, Sarada has the ability not to be underestimated. Besides Sarada able to activate the Sharingan eye, Sarada also been able to use Genjutsu Sharingan at a very young age. Even younger than the age of Sasuke in Naruto story prime. Facts about this Uchiha Sarada Sarada duly made deserves to be one of the elite of Konoha Genin especially considering she is also a child of the genius Sasuke Uchiha.

6. Chakra Control

Facts about Uchiha Sarada next is the ability men control Chakra. The ability possessed by Sarada not only handed down by her father alone. It was said earlier that Sarada is the son of two pupils Legendary Sannin, so no wonder strength decreased in Sarada more than ordinary. Sarada able to Chakra control from the body with a very accurate and thorough. It is derived from the mother’s natural ability Sakura Haruno.

7. The ability of Ninja Tools

Besides having the ability Ninjutsu is very impressive, the fact of Sarada next Uchiha is she has the ability to use the same shuriken as his father. Although his own father, ie, Sasuke, it never seems to look coach Sarada capabilities in terms of throwing and using weapons.

8. Like Reading (Genius ninja)

Sasuke is known as one of the genius ninja ninja while in school. No wonder if her genius proved her downhill at the Sarada. Facts about other Uchiha Sarada Sarada has a hobby is that the reading on the sidelines of the time. Therefore, in addition to having the ability Ninjutsu terrible for her opponents, Sarada also a genius in arranging a fight strategy.

9. Sarada Character

Facts about Sarada Uchiha which you probably already realize is that Sarada personality more like her mother, but for Sarada looks like her father, although initially Sarada was calculated similar to Karin.

10. Sarada Name Meaning

There are one theorie that hold true meaning of the name Sarada. The first, Sarada sounds like the name says Salada which is a vegetable, because the name was too similar to Naruto food.


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