10 Facts About Shisui Uchiha



In the End of the Third Shinobi World War, Shisui Uchiha witnessed his best friend die without being able to do anything to save him, consequently awakening His Mangekyo Sharingan .A year later, he met a 5 year old Uchiha Itachi, becoming best friends and forming a Like a brother bond. When Uchiha Itachi began to act oddly, Shisui Uchiha was instructed by the Konoha Military Police Force to monitor Uchiha Itachi because the younger Uchiha’s position in The Ambu was instrumental to the Uchiha’s future status in Konoha.

1 -> Uchiha Shisui abilities made him a high-ranking ninja and captain of his own squad. Such abilities were so widely known that an entire squad of { Kiri-nin } quickly choose to flea upon learning of his presence.



2 -> Uchiha Shisui was one of the few members in the clan’s history that was able to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan {MS}. He awakened it when he watched a dear friend to die without being able to do anything to save him. Its design is a four-point pinwheel and it granted him access The a powerful genjutsu, a unique technique not to be of the highest calibre Kotoamatsukami. This technique is allowed him to enter a person’s mind and manipulate them by giving them false experience, making it seem as they were doing things on their own free will; the victim wouldn’t even notice they are were being manipulated.This technique was so much powerful, Uchiha Shisui believed he could use it to make the entire Uchiha clan’s abandon the coup d’etat.


3 -> Uchiha Shisui was very skilled with his using fire technique’s such as the rite of passage Great Fireball Technique’s. Uchiha Shisui usage of this technique’s required the effort’s of so many Anbu-level Ninja Water Release users to counterbalance that.

4 -> Yakushi Kabuto tried to reincarnate Uchiha Shisui for the war, however he couldn’t done to being unable find his Body or DNA Samples.



5 -> Uchiha Shisui uses the Body Flicker Technique, He moves around creating several afterimages. With his speed, he can move between his afterimage’s, and deliver attacks from every each of them, each of them having mass behind them. If someone attacked, he moves out of the way, letting his opponent’s attack go through one of his afterimages.


6 -> Uchiha Shisui was able to summon a Flock of Crow’s To Aid him in battlefield and master three basic nature transformations (Lightning, Fire and wind) along with the Yin Release.


7 -> Uchiha Shisui also wielded a tanto, showing considerable skill in Kenjutsu (Literally meaning of Sword Technique) pertains to techniques that entail the use of swords, whether the users be samurai or shinobi . Kenjutsu can be used in combination with Ninjutsu, Taijutsu , Chakra, Fuinjutsu flow and even Genjutsu in order to achieve more devastating technique. It is regarded as a branch of Buki jutsus The entire military might of the lone samurai nation of the Land of Iron , have so-far all been depicted as practitioners of kenjutsu. Among the shinobi nations , the Seven Ninja Swordsmen’s of the Mist are particularly well known as kenjutsu practitioners.



8 -> Uchiha Shisui showed similar remarkable Shuriken jutsu prowess to Uchiha Itachi and like wise demonstrated noticeable sleight-of-hand with multiple kunai.

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9 -> Uchiha Shisui is able to use a green colour Susanoo . It wields a drill like lance that can used in said fashion and also in unison with Uchiha Shisui Fire Release to create a vortex of flame. It is also able to do unleash a barrage of energy needles.



10 -> Uchiha Shisui wrote a suicide note telling his clan’s he Cannot Follow Through with the coup d’etat, but his clan’s narrow mindednes made them unable to understand this, believing he would even sacrifice innocent lives for the sake of the Uchiha’s Clan. The contents of the suicide note also made it appear as though he had Give  his eye to Uchiha Itachi  when jumping off a cliff into the Naka River to kill him self in order to prevent conflict from arising over his eyes with in the clan.




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