1 ⇒ ‘Hashirama’ is a Japanese word referring to the space between the two pillars. This might be a play on the word “Pillar” (hashira), as the Hokage is said to be the pillar that supports the village. His family name ‘Senju’ literally means ‘thousand hands’.

2 ⇒ His face on the Hokage Rock has a crack across the bridge of the nose. This crack is not present in flashback depictions of the Rock.

3 ⇒ Hashirama Senju’s face appears within the fireworks in the omake of Shippuden episode 129.

4 ⇒ Studio Pierrot’s Settei sheets show that Hashirama Senju was 147cm when he met Uchiha Madara.

5 ⇒ Hashirama Senju’s hobbies were bonsai and wood sculpting.

6 ⇒ Hashirama Senju’s desired opponent was Uchiha Madara.

7 ⇒ Hashirama Senju’s favourite food was mushroom mixed soup.

8 ⇒ His favourite phrases were ‘The vast lands fertile’ (Daichi Hojo) and ‘Heaven’s garments are without seams’ (Ten’i Muho). They refer to perfect beauty without any artificial elements.

9 ⇒ Despite having cast genjutsu in the series, Yin Release is not listed as one of Hashirama Senju natures in the fourth databook.

10 ⇒ Hashirama Senju was hailed as the God of Shinobi



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