1 ⇒ The name ‘Kisame’ really means ‘demon shark’, while his family name Hoshigaki means dried persimmon, like all members of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen, his surname is derived from a type of produce.

2 ⇒ Kisame Hoshigaki birth date, March, makes his Western astrological sign fish.

3 ⇒ Kishimoto first intended to make Akatsuki’s all members monsters with almost no human traits. Zetsu, Kakuzu and Kisame (and, to a lesser extent, Sasori and Deidara) are prime examples of this. Kisame, in particular, resembles a Samebito (Literally meaning a Shark Man), a Japanese mythological creature.

4 ⇒ It is shown in an anime special that Kisame Hoshigaki is insecure of his blue skin. This is portrayed when Deidara commented on how handsome his partner was, and how that must make him popular with a women. Kisame sulked, and replied with, After all, I’m strangely coloured.

5 ⇒ Studio Pierrot has since he was introduced in Part 1, drawn Kisame at 198 cm as shown with his Part 1 and Shippuden Settei.

6 ⇒ Kisame Hoshigaki hobby was taking care of his sword, Samehada.

7 ⇒ Kisame Hoshigaki wished to fight anyone.

8 ⇒ Kisame Hoshigaki favourite foods were crab and shrimp, while his least favourite, predictably, was “shark fin soup”.

9 ⇒ Kisame Hoshigaki had completed 332 official missions in total – 3/D-rank, 68/C-rank, 154/B-rank, 78/A-rank, 29/S-rank.

10 ⇒ Kisame Hoshigaki favourite phrase was The weak are meat, the strong eat (Jakuniku Kyoshoku), this is a Japanese habit for survival of the fittest.


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