Top 10 Mind-Blowing Mitsuki Facts You Don’t Know

1 – Mitsuki (Mitsuki Facts) was “created as a synthetic human” by the Orochimaru, being cultivated from the same embryo as at least one older ‘Mitsuki’.

Mitsuki Facts

2 – Mitsuki is an exceptionally talented shinobi (Ninja) for his age.

Mitsuki Facts

3 – Mitsuki has extremely high chakra level’s for his age, enough to achieve the Sage Mode.

Mitsuki Facts

4 – Mitsuki signature technique is the “Soft Physique Modification technique”, where he can stretch and lengthen his arms to use as the weapons and restraints.

Mitsuki Facts

5 – Mitsuki (Mitsuki Facts) can use Summoning Technique to summon snakes,

with which he can perform the Hidden Shadow Snake Hands, as well as Snake Clone Technique.

Mitsuki Facts

6 – He also excel’s in the Medical Ninjutsu, curse techniques,

and can use “Wind Release” to perform the Wind Release Breakthrough (Futon Toppa) technique.

Mitsuki Facts

7 – Mitsuki hobbies are card games and databook reading.

Mitsuki Facts

8 – Mitsuki and Jugo Clan’s same.

9 – Mitsuki attributes are 165 in intelligence, 140 in dexterity, 150 in negotiations,

123 in perception, 130 in strength, and unknown in chakra.

10 – Mitsuki has 4 stars in the espionage activities and3 stars in curse techniques and the medical ninjutsu.

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  1. […] Mitsuki Senjutsu is the result of his body composition. His body composition is designed to achieve many powers including the White Snake Senjutsu. While other characters had to work hard and train themselves in order to achieve the Senjutsu, Mitsuki body allowed him to achieve the Senjutsu with ease. Mitsuki has the ability to stretch his limbs when his Senjutsu powers are activated. During Senjutsu, his powers create a strong chakra flow which generates green protective snakes around his body. Mitsuki Senjutsu is linked with great white snake Senjutsu which is evident from the horn like structure on his forehead. The other noticeable power that he gets in his sage mode is lightening speed and great raw power. Although there is still a lot of power in Mitsuki which is yet to be seen but still he is one of the greatest ninjas of the generation. […]


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