3. Futton: Vapour Style


Destruction of power vary, such futton belongs Mei Terumī able to issue the acid gases have a very high and could melt or disc formed objects such as Sasuke’s Susanoo.

May should control the direction of the gas and also the range of the gas so that this stance one deadly moment in terms of distance and range. Another type of futon is a mixture of oil and air so that the air can be blown up as was done by Naruto. Up to now there is no known weakness of this technique, the safest way is to perform a remote attack on the user.

4. Death Reaper Seal


Reaper Death Seal is one of the forbidden jutsu performed by 4 Hokage for Seal Kurama, 3 Hokageke to seal Orochimaru Arms. Fu of Fujin means the seal where the seals do an agreement with the Shinigami death god or that can only be viewed by users moves alone. If the seal really be done perfectly, then this style is the perfect moment to kill target his powers. But it seems Orochimaru astute enough so that only a pair of hands are sealed into the body Shinigami.

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