5. Ritual Jashin


Jashin Ritual, or so-called Curse Jutsu: Death Possession Blood, do not have clear information on the originator. But you could say that this ritual is a ritual of one sect in the world of Naruto (Jashinism). Jashin ritual is only used by Hidan, member of Akatsuki. Jashin Ritual influence to users is the ability to injure his opponent by way of injuring himself. So suppose Hidan stabs his own heart, his opponent will be punctured his heart.

Although highly lethal, Jashin Ritual advanced requirements, users must draw the Jashin symbol on the ground and standing on it (not allowed to come out of that symbol), the second is the victim’s blood. The distance is not limited as long as the requirements have been met. Wah like Vodoo well, or indeed Vodoo?

6. C4 Karura


C4 Karura is the ultimate jutsu Deidara belonging which is one member of Akatsuki. C4 Karura was the seed blasts out of clay, who has so dapat1 detonate iukuran nano-scale cell though. Which makes it even more deadly is that the bombs made Deidara particles can be inhaled into the respiratory tract unnoticed and also can not be seen by the eye so easy to get caught unaware victim.

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