9. Amaterasu


Amaterasu is a ninja technique that element of fire and is the highest level. Amaterasu is a pair of Tsukuyomi done with eyes that will bring focus Amaterasu. Flames of Amaterasu can burn anything, including regular fire and will not be extinguished seven days and nights unless turned off by the user.

Amaterasu has hot as the sun, even the fourth Raikage just have to decide that the affected part tubuhunya Amaterasu. Amaterasu weakness that can not burn chakra or chakra flowing objects that can not burn the robe Naruto berchakra.

10. Shinra Tensei


Shinra Tensei is one of the deadliest tricks that can be used either to attack or defend. Shinra Tensei used by Nagato against Naruto. Shinra Tensei has the concept repellent enormous strength even capable of destroying objects repudiated. Shinra Tensei Nagato uses this to fight Naruto, which makes Naruto bounced along with Killer Bee to very far away from the starting position, with no safe place left in the location they bounce.

Okay that’s 10 Most Deadly Jutsu in Manga and Anime Naruto that can be summarized by If you’d like to add or comment, please comment below


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