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10 Mystery In Naruto And Possible answers

In the Naruto story, both comic and anime, a lot of things that still remains a mystery that made many fans wonder. In this article we tried to discuss the mystery in the story of Naruto, along with possible answers.

1. Who takes care of the baby until Naruto since before he entered the academy ninja?


Kabuto had mentioned that in the Leaf Village orphanage there. But since Naruto is the son of the leader of the village, plus the important secrets about Naruto, Naruto is unlikely if it is deposited in an orphanage.

Possible answer:
Naruto cared for by Hiruzen. Once again become Hokage Hiruzen replace Minato (father of Naruto, the Fourth Hokage), must have been busy with the affairs Hokage Hiruzen. Subsequently (maybe too) Naruto treated by Iruka, Naruto is seen as very close to Iruka at the beginning of the series Naruto.

2. Who is the mother of Hatake Kakashi?


Possible answer:
We do not know the name of the mother of Kakashi, because it is not mentioned in the comics or anime Naruto. But the chances of his mother came from Senju clan, because hair color is very similar to Kakashi Tobirama Senju (the Second Hokage). It is suitable if you see the ability of Kakashi who had been prominent since at the ninja academy. With his father Hatake Sakumo The White Fang, who is said to be its ability to exceed Sannin, and his mother a descendant Senju, the clan of the First and Second Hokage, Kakashi be fair if the most talented ninja diangkatannya.

3. How Orochimaru can regain the Sword Kusanagi were taken away by Enma?


After Hiruzen (Third Hokage) dead against Orochimaru, Enma Hiruzen draw his sword from the body, and then go away brings with Sword Kusanagi. In the episodes continued, suddenly Orochimaru has returned the sword.

Possible answer:
Orochimaru has the ability to call back the Sword Kusanagi back to him.

4. Since when Kakashi using a mask facepiece?


Hatake Sakumo, father of Kakashi did not use masks. But Kakashi always visible using the mask, even when he was little. And since what age did he use this mask?

Possible answer:
We do not know. If anyone knows, please comment below.

5. How Hashirama Senju (the First Hokage) died?


Possible answer:
Because it does not tell us how Hashirama died in Anime or Manga, so the possibility of Hashirama died of old age.

6. Who are the parents Tsunade?


We know Tsunade is the granddaughter of Senju Hashirama (the First Hokage), but who the parents of Tsunade? It is never told.

Possible answer:
We do not know. If anyone knows, please comment below.

7. Who are the leaders Uchihas after Madara?


Uchiha Madara was killed after a fight with Hashirama Senju (although later she was alive again). Once it was only known that Uchihas led by Fugaku Uchiha, the father of Itachi and Sasuke. Seeing span far between Madara and Fugaku, there must be a leader Uchihas them.

Possible answer:
We do not know. If anyone knows, please comment below.

8. What is the clan of Jiraiya?


Jiraiya Klan was never mentioned in the comics and anime Naruto.

Possible answer:
Viewed from the bottom line of his eyes, he looks like Hiruzen derived from Sarutobi clan. While the shape of the hair similar to Namikaze Minato. But the white hair color comes from the clan did not know where. So far Jiraiya possibilities are descended from a mix of Sarutobi and Namikaze clan.

9. Who are two people besides Jiraiya Minato pupil in the photo?


As we know, Minato (the Fourth Hokage) is a pupil of Jiraiya. Then who two others who also became a disciple of Jiraiya?

Possible answer:
Some say that the man is Uchiha Fugaku, while the woman is still unknown.

10. How Kakashi eat and drink without removing the mask?


Kakashi is often seen dining with friends or students. But never described how Kakshi will eat or drink.

Possible answer:

Using a straw, or intravenously, or poured over food through the mask? Please imagine, because this keliatannya will remain a mystery

Okay that’s the 10 Mystery in Naruto and possible answers that can be presented by Animesouls.com Hope you like. If you know of other possible answers comment below.

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