Both the manga and anime series Naruto become hits in Japan and other parts of the world that has always been a top list of manga or anime that always anticipated. After tamatnya story of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto is now the author continues the story of his adventures with a different theme. But before continuing to follow the story, below are 15 interesting facts about Naruto that you may not know in advance. So what are the facts? These are discussed below:

1. Initially Naruto Is not Telling About Ninja


In an interview said that Naruto was originally did not want to tell you about a ninja, but will talk about the magic. Fortunately, the next Masashi Kishimoto chose the path of the ninja, that tells the story of magic may not necessarily be successful now.

2. Father Chouji, Akimichi Chouza, Never Intend to Kill Naruto.


Chouji along with other ninja father never intended to kill Naruto small. The evidence contained in the panel manga chapter 1 on page 38. There looks Chouza along with classy Jounin ninja gathered to shout to kill Naruto for allegedly very dangerous.

3. Shikamaru IQ is 200!


In comics and manga, Shikamaru is known as a master strategist planner who plans almost always successful. This is because it is told Shikamaru had an IQ score of 200! Just imagine where Einstein just had a score of only 160. One Shikamaru successful strategy is setting the team of pursuers when Sasuke abducted by four subordinate Onochimaru. Despite failing to find Sasuke, but the strategy successfully dampen fourth kesaktian Orochimaru’s subordinates.

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