15 Interesting Facts On Naruto Stories


Both the manga and anime series Naruto become hits in Japan and other parts of the world that has always been a top list of manga or anime that always anticipated. After tamatnya story of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto is now the author continues the story of his adventures with a different theme. But before continuing to follow the story, below are 15 interesting facts about Naruto that you may not know in advance. So what are the facts? These are discussed below:

1. Initially Naruto Is not Telling About Ninja


In an interview said that Naruto was originally did not want to tell you about a ninja, but will talk about the magic. Fortunately, the next Masashi Kishimoto chose the path of the ninja, that tells the story of magic may not necessarily be successful now.

2. Father Chouji, Akimichi Chouza, Never Intend to Kill Naruto.


Chouji along with other ninja father never intended to kill Naruto small. The evidence contained in the panel manga chapter 1 on page 38. There looks Chouza along with classy Jounin ninja gathered to shout to kill Naruto for allegedly very dangerous.

3. Shikamaru IQ is 200!


In comics and manga, Shikamaru is known as a master strategist planner who plans almost always successful. This is because it is told Shikamaru had an IQ score of 200! Just imagine where Einstein just had a score of only 160. One Shikamaru successful strategy is setting the team of pursuers when Sasuke abducted by four subordinate Onochimaru. Despite failing to find Sasuke, but the strategy successfully dampen fourth kesaktian Orochimaru’s subordinates.

4. Kankuro Have The Same Hair Style With Naruto


When Kankuro puppet player removing his hoodie, it would seem that Kankuro actually has the same hairstyle with Naruto. The only difference between them is the color of the hair, which when Naruto is blonde while Kankuro is blackish brown.

5. Techanical Ninja Kakuzu Have Names Inspired from Gundam


Kakuzu, one of the members of Akatsuki ninja ninja whose name has inspired moment of the series Mobile Suit Gundam. As stance earth element whose name Earth Grudge Fear or Jioungu inspired from MSN-02 Gundam Zeong.

6. The sign on the forehead Neji Unlike in Manga and Anime


As it is known that behind the forehead protector Neji are a symbol of the Buddhist religion and because it is similar to the swastika emblem belonged to the Nazi party then they are replaced with cross symbol in the anime version in order not to offend the victims of the Nazi party.

7. Frog Ninja Origin Names in Real


Remember the frog Naruto summoned by calling tactics to fight Bijuu Gaara belong? Yeah right Gamabunta! Gamabunta actually has a name inspired from the name of the actor and veteran actress 80s and 90s called Bunta Sugawara. Other frogs are Gamakendari Takakura Ken and Shimadari Shima Iwashita. Wahh seems Masashi Kishimoto also film fans.

8. Legendary Sannin Trio Inspired From A Novel Lawas


Who is not familiar trio of legendary ninja of Konoha village consisting Tsunade, Orochimaru and Jiraiya. The third name was inspired by the story in the legacy 1839 novel titled “Balad of Pahlawa nJiraiya.” The story of Orochimaru who is an expert PEDAN gjahat possessed by a demon snake. While Jiraiyadan Tsunate (in the novel version called Tsunate) are the two children of a noble family whose parents were killed by Orochimaru and was rescued by a hermit. Through the recluse that Jiraiya then have the secret and known as giant magical frogs and snails Tsunate have the ability to manipulate.

9. Warung Ramen “Ichiraku” Naruto There’s Favorite in the Real World


Yes, Ichiraku ramen shop is real. It is located at Kyushu University college where the first author. Wow so maybe it feels really nice well until brought into comics and certainly now crowded at all.

10. Sanji in One Piece Manga Naruto initially Named


Sanji is one of the main characters of the manga One Piece by Eiichiro Oda masterpiece that awalny a named Naruto because it has eyebrows that roll. However, because in the same year when Naruto appeared, Eiichiro Oda changed the name of his character with Sanji. Eiichiro Oda and Masashi Kishimoto is known to have a good relationship. At the end of the story of Naruto, the two of them exchange the first page of the manga with a well-known symbol that is a symbol to draw Luffy and Naruto Konoha ninja village draw a straw hat pirates symbol Luffy.

11. Hinata Appears in Naruto Ending Because …


Hinata actually rarely get the proportions appearance in the manga version, but because many of the staff who worked on the anime of Naruto is a fan of Hinata Hyuga who was then the greater kawaii Hinata appearance in the anime version. One proof fans are crazy about Hinata Hinata is the appearance of the main character in Naruto cover songs titled Jitensha or bicycle. Curious? Let’s find on YouTube song.

12. Cigarettes Owned Asuma


Just as a symbol on the forehead Neji, owned cigarette Asuma also allowed to remain dead alias never lit fumes in American anime version. Because America has a strict policy of the public spectacle that use cigarettes because it will be deemed to campaign for a smoke. One of the other characters are also the same terkenahal is Sanji from One Piece, but the difference they replace owned cigarette Sanji with lollipop.

13. Sound Sakura Haruno Never Filled By Two Person at a Time


Sakura voice in Naruto The Musical in 2006 completed by a pair of twins singer Mikura Mikura Mana and Kana, also known as Manakana. How could she? Well it were his first try and see what difference it makes.

14. Typical Naruto “Kagebunshin no Jutsu” is Jounin Level Jutsu


Jutsu that characterizes Naruto, Kagebunshin no jutsu or moves a thousand shadow is actually a level jutsu Jounin level. Naruto was first applying it to perfection against Gaara after the chaos of the Chuunin exam with the help of a little chakra Kyuubi belongs.

15. Name Sasuke Indeed Come From Folklore About Ninja


Sasuke name in Japanese Folklore is not derived from the clan, but from the Sarutobi clan. Sasuke Sarutobi is the first Japanese ninja monkeys treated by his childhood, almost as like Tarzan yah? It is said also that Sarutobi Sasuke has a rival in the world perninjaan with Kirigakure Saizo, yap darisitulah also Masashi Kishimoto sensei obtain the name of the village Kirigakure or hidden mist village.

How to 15 above facts about Naruto? How much you already know and how you just know? Hopefully this article entertaining