13. Sound Sakura Haruno Never Filled By Two Person at a Time


Sakura voice in Naruto The Musical in 2006 completed by a pair of twins singer Mikura Mikura Mana and Kana, also known as Manakana. How could she? Well it were his first try and see what difference it makes.

14. Typical Naruto “Kagebunshin no Jutsu” is Jounin Level Jutsu


Jutsu that characterizes Naruto, Kagebunshin no jutsu or moves a thousand shadow is actually a level jutsu Jounin level. Naruto was first applying it to perfection against Gaara after the chaos of the Chuunin exam with the help of a little chakra Kyuubi belongs.

15. Name Sasuke Indeed Come From Folklore About Ninja


Sasuke name in Japanese Folklore is not derived from the clan, but from the Sarutobi clan. Sasuke Sarutobi is the first Japanese ninja monkeys treated by his childhood, almost as like Tarzan yah? It is said also that Sarutobi Sasuke has a rival in the world perninjaan with Kirigakure Saizo, yap darisitulah also Masashi Kishimoto sensei obtain the name of the village Kirigakure or hidden mist village.

How to 15 above facts about Naruto? How much you already know and how you just know? Hopefully this article entertaining



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