5 facts about Baryon mode, the dangerous Naruto transformation mode:

Naruto Baryon mode: In his fight against Isshiki Otsutsuki, Naruto showed a new never-seen transformation mode. The new transformation mode was so powerful that it can take the life of the user. The name of the transformation mode was revealed in Boruto chapter 52. The name of the mode was Baryon Mode.

In this blog, we will see some facts about the Baryon Mode Naruto

Naruto Baryon mode

Baryon is the Name of Particle

The name Baryon must be a familiar name to many people. At the same time, many people might be hearing the name for the first time.
Baryon is the name given to subatomic particles composed of three quarks. The protons, the neutrons as well as other particles are Baryons.
But why is Naruto’s new transformation mode named after subatomic particles? The answer is revealed in the next point.

Naruto Baryon mode

Naming Of Baryon Mode

Naruto’s Sage of Six Path Mode and Kurama Mode uses borrowed Chakra (Hagoromo and Kurama). Baryon mode uses Kurama’s chakra and Naruto’s chakra to create new energy.

In other words, we can say that Chakra fusion takes place and creates new energy. The Chakra fusion is very similar to the Nuclear Fusion reaction that takes place in the sun. The Nuclear Fusion reaction is the source of energy of the sun. In a similar way, Chakra fusion is the source of the energy that Naruto gets.
Based on this fact, Kurama named that transformation mode as Baryon mode.

This transformation mode increases the attack power, reflex, defense, and speed of the user. In this mode, Naruto can even catch Isshiki’s quick attack.

Naruto Baryon mode

Baryon Mode’s Side Effect

As it is evident that the more energy produced the more is the consumption of fuel. The same is true for Baryon Mode. Baryon mode generates a lot of energy and in turn, consumes Kurama and Naruto’s chakras every second. There is a chance that while using this transformation mode the chakra may get finish. As soon as the Chakra is finishing the person will die. Hence using the mode for a long can even take the life of the user.

However, Kumara explained to Naruto the risks associated with Baryon Mode.

Naruto Baryon mode

Baryon Mode Shorten the Enemy’s Age

Baryon mode generates a lot of energy and in turn, drains the user’s Chakra. Besides the consumption of Chakra every second, Baryon Mode also shortens the user’s age. In addition to that, Baryon Mode also shortens the age of anyone around the user.

This is because of the interconnected nature of Chakra. The chakra consumption of Baryon Mode also consumes the Chakra inside Isshiki’s body. Isshiki had 20 hours left but after the use of Baryon Mode, he had only several minutes left.

Naruto Baryon mode

The Real Reason why Kurama Suggested Baryon Mode

There is a reason Kumara suggest Baryon Mode to Naruto. Kumara wanted to take advantage of the side effects of Baryon Mode. Kumara knows that Isshiki has only 20 hours left hence the consumption of Chakra will kill Isshiki first. Hence Naruto has a greater chance to survive than Isshiki.

If Kurama had suggested to Naruto the use of Baryon mode when they were fighting Kaguya or Madara then the consumption of Chakra would have killed Naruto first because the opponent has a longer lifespan.

Hence whatever happened was nicely planned by Kurama.

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