A Sweet Treat For Our Soul: A short film titled 22 vs.Earth (2021) is focusing on the exploits of 22 especially.

A Sweet Treat For Our Soul: She attempts In this to defy the natural order of ‘the great before’. infact She also prevents her friends from discovering their passion and in that so she inevitably coincidently making their way to earth. I think It was not so bad. But I feel redundant too because the lead character doesn’t really grow all that much. although The flick’s events (truly speaking), we’ve already have been covered in ‘soul (2020)’.

besides It was not so much essentially just a series of gags surrounding a single central premise. I would say without a proper driving force or soul message behind it does not seem appropriate. as It was not that especially funny or comic but even after all that engaging. However, I can say that it was quite entertaining enough to be worth a good watch yet. briefly, I would recommend it to you only if you are a fan of the character soul 2020 then It’s alright.

To sum up In this short film following characters has been played by these casts

Tina Fey as in 22

Alice Braga and Richard Ayoade as in the two soul counsellors in the Great Before who are all named Jerry

Juliana Alcorn as in New Soul

Micah Chen as in Moonbeam

Adela Drabek as in Peanut

Aiyanna Miroin as in Zimmy

Karee Ducharme as in Macaroni

Samantha Ho as in D-Pac

Azriel Dalman as in Neptune


In and all in my opinion this Short film 22 Vs Earth is a sweet treat for every soul. not only You will get to see the stubbornness of character (22). Along with that, you will also see how she managed to stay away from Earth. and how he tried to stop others from doing the same. It is just a 6-minute cute time watch that will leave a smile on your face surely.

Movie Name: 22 vs. Earth

Year: 2021

IMDb Rating: 6.5/10

Quality: 720p, 1080p

Director: Kevin Nolting

Producer: Lourdes Marquez Alba

Writters (Story by): Josh Cooley

Rotten Tomatoes Critics: N.A.% – Critics

Rotten Tomatoes Audience: 70% – Audience

Star(s): Tina Fey, Richard Ayoade and Alice Braga

Music by: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

Bas ined on (story/novel/comics/vision): Soul 2020 movie

Genres: Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantas iny

Language: English (5.1 Dolby Digital)

Distributed by: Disney+

Release date: April 30, 2021 (United States)

Running time: 6 minutes

Related movies: Soul (2020) movie

Production company (s): Walt Disney Pictures and also Pixar Animation Studios

Main Characters: Venom , Cletus Kas inady / Carnage

Cinematography: Andy Grisdale and Luke Martorelli

Edited by: Noah Newman

Prequel: Soul (2020)


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