Is Adam the strongest human in the Series Record of Ragnarok?

Adam: Maybe, Yes. Adam was the father of humanity and the first original man to be created like the image of God in the Record of Ragnarok. he is an ancestor of humanity. He is the first person ever to exist and be created to resemble the image of the gods. After being expelled from paradise with Eve, they descended into the human world and gave birth to humanity. He is described as “the man most hated by the gods” and “the ultimate survivor.”


Adam Personality

Adam showed the highest degree of selflessness and exceeded his limits by fighting God to give humanity a little hope. Adam’s love for children was so strong that he only thought of protecting society from those who would hurt them in the struggle for his life. Adam’s desire to protect his descendants was so strong that his body refused to fall and continued to fight instead,

even after dying from Zeus’s myriad blows. Such raw patience and willpower were enough to kneel Zeus himself and gain a bit of negative respect from the arrogant God. Then, when he died, he selflessly sought victory, not for himself, but his children, for all humankind.


As the first original human being to resemble the image of God, Adam is seen by Brunhilde as her trump card against God. Adam is probably the most influential person in history, catching up with the most powerful gods and almost beating him. But, on the other hand, Zeus, the champion of the Titano Maki tournament, was feared by the gods themselves.

Adam’s true power

It is known that after seeing Adam’s true power, Ares, “God of War,” someone looks down on humans as weak and stupid creatures. He trained for 1000 years but was unmatched by Adam. Zeus himself said that if their battle were a battle of patience, Adam would have defeated him. Adam is probably the only one who can hurt God without using God’s weapons, as his first blow to Zeus was seen when he bled the Supreme God.

Adam created with the image of God, and pictures had almost immeasurable strength, speed, reflexes, and immutability. Beyond the time itself, countless attacks from Zeus fuelled his Adams. This is usually an inevitable one-hit kill and is as durable as or better than God. Zeus was slightly better in terms of speed, and Zeus himself had to admit Adam’s supernatural strength. Reluctantly, he realised that if their fight were a fight of patience instead, he would have lost to Adam.


Adam has the strongest will of all humanity, as Brunhilde states. After beginning to lose the upper hand in his battle against Zeus, where many audiences thought that all the odds are now against him, now that Zeus has finally taken advantage of his eye’s capacity yet Adam still never gave any indication of wavering or depression in this disadvantageous circumstance even in the smallest.

Eyes of the Lord

As a man planned in the image of a divine being, Adam was gift with the capacity to imitate any move and strategy impeccably he lays his eyes after, including the ones utilize by heavenly creatures. Thus, Adam can avoid any assault while countering his assailant with their turn despite its speed or force. This capacity was entirely staggeringly intense,

to the point that Adam could even duplicate and use Zeus’ time, outperforming punch after just seeing it a solitary time. In the anime, Adam can in a flash change his science to effectively replicate the assault, like duplicating a Serpent’s assault.


Nonetheless, the hands are multiple times bigger, with dark green scales and sharp bone paws. Despite its seemingly invincible nature, there are limits to the eyes of the Lord. Detecting enemy attacks puts a strain on Adam’s nervous system. When Adam pushes his eyes to the limit, he begins to overheat, and if Adam chooses to move forward,

he is at risk of becoming blind (bleeding from his nose, eyes, and ears) and can see his eyes. You will not be able to. To use him, Zeus realize that he couldn’t beat Adam with a single move, instead opting for the War of Attrition and reworking Adam’s greatest weapon until it was deactivate. Thus, unleashed an endless blow focused only on.

Adam vs Zeus

Adam’s will is demonstrate in the final blow exchange with Zeus. Zeus fights until his death, even if his body and eyes reach the limits for a long time, but still refuses to lose the fight, ending Zeus with a determination to wield his fist of death to the gods. We can give hope to humanity by winning the first victory and showing that

humans also have the power to confront God. As a man designed to be a copy of God, Adam could perfectly mimic every movement he saw, regardless of its speed or strength. This ability was solid that Adam was seen and announced by Brunhilde as a secret weapon against the divine beings. At the point when actuated, his Lord’s eyes will permit Adam to see through the abilities of his foes,

regardless of whether they have a place with God. By visiting the foe’s strategy, Adam can avoid the assault, duplicate it all together, and even return it straightforwardly. In spite of its apparently powerful nature, there are drawback points to the eyes of the Lord. The strength and force of the adversary’s assault appear to be steady with the weight on the client’s sensory system. Brunhilde recommends that his assault on Zeus in Adams would regularly be an unavoidable one-hit kill.

Eyes and nervous system under unimaginable stress

If Adam could see through these techniques, he would put both his eyes and nervous system under unimaginable stress. Zeus realized that a single train couldn’t beat Adam and chose the War of Attrition instead. Zeus unleashed a fierce blow onslaught and began only working on modifying and disabling abilities. The job he finally succeeded in. Adam lost power and was blind but could exchange blows with Zeus even after successfully finding a way to overwhelm his abilities and permanently disable them.

he was so strong that his body continued to fight after he was technically dead, and Adam’s condition overwhelmed Zeus with a single blow and then kneeled the arrogant god with a final blow. I let you. If Zeus had not recognized this deadly flaw in Adam’s eyes,

he would probably have been the loser of the battle. After Zeus became inaccessible to the Lord’s eyes in the state of Adam, he finally beat Adam. Put him in with a ferocious blow.

However, Adam could swallow these blows for a long time without dying, but he was never knock down to the ground. The achievement was even more impressive because the unique disappointment from Zeus in this form was to lead to the immediate death of his enemy.

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