Top 10 facts about Alecdora Sandler Black Clover 2022

Alecdora is a devout disciple of Captain Vangeance who will go to any length to keep The Golden Dawn’s reputation intact. He is one of the Golden Dawn squad’s higher-ranking members. He creates or traps his opponents using sand magic, and his creations are so terrifying that the normal wizard would flee in terror. His spells are effective on both offense and defense, making him a valuable member of The Golden Dawn. Let’s have a look at some exciting facts about Alecdora Sandler.


10. Alecdora Member of Golden Dawn

Alecdora Sandler is a noblewoman who practices Sand Magic and is a member of the Golden Dawn. He is primarily stoic in temperament, believing that only he can fulfill his captain’s desire of becoming Wizard King after being saved during a mission. This put him in conflict with Yuno, whom he regarded as undeserving of William’s attention and despised for aspiring to be the next Wizard King. This came to a head during the Royal Knights Selection Exam, when Sandler and Yuno were pitted against one other on opposing teams, with Sandler losing in a one-on-one match against Yuno.


9. Alecdora A Tall Man

Alecdora Sandler is a Clover Kingdom’s Golden Dawn squad’s 4th Class Senior Magic Knight. He is a tall and slender man. His spiky green hair is brushed back, with a few strands hanging down over his brow. Tattoos appear on Alecdora’s cheeks and temples, and his ears turn pointy when he is possessed by an elf spirit. Paintings and William Vangeance are two of Alecdora’s favorite things. Alecdora was placed #41 in the first popularity poll (tied with others), #52 in the second, and #45 in the third.


8. Alecdora Wears a long-sleeved shirt

He’s dressed in a double-breasted, long-sleeved shirt with a high collar and crimson edging. As an adornment, the collar also contains a chain linking the two ends. The shirt is made up of two separate colors: white on the sides and crimson in the middle. The sleeves are largely made of white fabric, with the exception of the wrist area, which is made of red fabric. Alecdora wears a light-colored belt over his shirt, which extends below his waist. Alecdora is also dressed in white slacks and a pair of high boots. Fur is also on the collar of the black boots.


7. Alecdora Covers his Torso

Alecdora is dressed in the Golden Dawn’s characteristic squad robe, which is gold and covers his torso. The fabric features an exquisite design that matches the robe’s color scheme. It also has blue fur along the hood’s border, as well as a pair of blue ropes that run from the left shoulder and link to the gold-colored button on the right shoulder. The button secures the robe in its right position. The symbol of the unit is located on the left side.


6. Alecdora Prideful Elitist Mindset

Alecdora has a haughty elitist mentality, referring to Yuno and Asta as slum rats on various occasions and shows angered when Yuno is credited with the most stars in the Golden Dawn. He also chastises Klaus, a fellow nobleman who is also present at the War Merits Conferment Ceremony, for not having enough power.


5. Alecdora Infallible Loyalty to Captain

Alecdora has an unwavering devotion to Golden Dawn’s captain, William Vangeance, that borders on obsession. He’s gone so far as to say that he’d gladly lose his life to serve William. When William expresses a particular fondness for Yuno, he becomes enraged. This gets to the point where he starts counting the number of times Vangeance addresses Yuno by name each day and becomes enraged when the number exceeds his own.


4. Attack on Golden Dawn Base

Despite William’s actions of secretly assisting Patolli in using powerful, mass-scale Reincarnation Magic to revive the slaughtered Elf Tribe and the apparent use of himself and the other Golden Dawn Members as reincarnation vessels and sacrifices to make their reincarnation complete, Alecdora was shown to still retain his strong sense of loyalty and admiration for William. When Zenon Zogratis attacked the Golden Dawn base, he defended William in this scene.


3. Shown a Painting of God

Alecdora is shown a portrait of a god when he is a small boy. Years later, Alecdora is on a mission with the Golden Dawn unit when he is ambushed and severely injured. He escapes and seeks refuge in a cave, where he loses hope of being rescued. William Vangeance, on the other hand, detects his presence and appears at the cave’s entrance, reminding Alecdora of the picture. Alecdora then commits himself to his commander and his squad.

2. Magic, Abilities and Equipment

Alecdora can create and manipulate sand with this magical ability. Alecdora utilizes this type of magic to create sand-based items and beings. His armoured troops may be employed for both offensive and defense. Alecdora uses this technique to bind opponents with sand. He wields a great deal of magical power as a nobleman. Alecdora retains some of the elf’s magic after being freed from the elf’s possession. Alecdora has a three-leaf clover grimoire with a variety of sand-based magic spells.

1. Team O vs. Team P

Asta and Charmy Pappitson applaud as the officials declare that they are moving on to the last match of round one, which is between Noelle Silva and Yuno. En Ringard, Team P’s third member, promises his teammates that if they work hard and united, they would triumph, but everyone is concerned about his safety. Noelle warns Yuno not to get too carried away because he grew up with Asta, but Yuno only worries if she’ll be okay because she can’t control her mana. After that, Noelle and Yuno get into a fight, which Asta and En try to diffuse.

Solid Silva then approaches them, mocking Noelle for participating in the event despite her inexperience. When they were kids, Noelle recalls Solid’s harshness. When Alecdora Sandler informs Solid that their bout is up next, Solid walks away, telling Noelle to flee. Before leaving with his comrades, Alecdora gives Yuno a cold stare.

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