Nana Shimura ⇒

All Might’s predecessor and the 7th successor of One For All. Little is known about Nana Shimura’s proficiency with One For All other than she was not strong enough to bring down All For One but was mentioned by All Might to be similar to the Midoriya Izuku’s mother. Her grandson is Tenku Shimura. She was Toshinori Yagi’s mentor and the friends with Gran Torin.

Toshinori (All Might) ⇒

As all world renowned hero All Might, Toshinori (All Might) is a proficient user of this Quirk. All Might is capable of controlling his own strength and focusing his power into the any extremity he chooses without recoil. However, due to an untreatable wound that has been inflicted on him, he can only utilize his power for 3 hours straight, any longer and it would strain his body. And if Toshinori forced to use his Quirk more than he should, he may shorten the time limit for using his Quirk as a effect. It seems that after transferring the power, his ability to use “One For All” slowly diminishes and after his battle with All For One, Toshinori (All Might) completely uses up the remaining remnant embers of the torch which is “One for All”. Although he can still transform for an instant, Toshinori (All Might) cannot maintain his muscle form anymore and would revert back very quickly.

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