ALL RINNEGANS: Hello anime lovers, how are u all?  We all love watching naruto. While watching naruto we all had seen those eye techniques or dojutsu and have always been curious about how they work and their powers. So here I am explaining rinnegans, one of those eyes techniques. We all know about rinnegan but do u know about its history?

Rinnegan means samsara eyes or sansara eyes . One who wields it is sent from heaven to become either a god of destruction or creation. Rinnegan is the oldest and probably strongest eyes technique used in the Naruto series. As we know Kaguya has her third eye being Rinne Sharingan(mix of Sharingan and rinnegan ) and two other simple eyes which have byakugan in them. Rinnesharingan is so powerful that it can summon planets.

As Kaguya died, her son hageromo got rinnegan while hamaro got byakugan.


Further hageromo son got Sharingan but that we will talk about it later. It can be obtained or awaken by obtaining hageromos chakra or by combining his son’s chakra the asura and the Indra. Zetsu tried it but failed many times until the Madara Uchiha

who was Indra reincarnate implanted himself with a flesh of hashirama Senju into himself who was asura incarnation. thus forming a combined force to awaken rinnegan. But it didn’t work for many years since this was not naturally passed on to him. 


While rinnegan is very powerful and has extreme power full chakra .it all depends upon the users how they use it. One who is not worthy if gets transplante loses his power.

1. Hageromo – he was the stronges and originalt user of the rinnerngan . Some powers include six sage paths techniques, see chakra of anyone, transmit chakra summon many paths like a deva, asura, human, Naraka, preta, and animal. They all have some other power that requires a separate article.


2. Madara Uchiha– Madara was one of the strongest users of rinnegan when he was revived it was nearly impossible to defeat his when he had both eyes Indras reincarnation-well he got those eyes but it took him long to actually awaken it.his skills include awakening corporal shadows. Create and control them. Create Susanoo and many more


3. Sasuke rinnegan – he got rinnegan by awakening hageromos chakra from his spirit. Sasuke’s rinnegan allows him to create multiple portals to other dimensions and shift position with anyone in range. This left eye also has Sharingan which further enhances its powers. Like using genzutsu and amaterasu. If he overuses it his power diminishes for some time in which he cants use his Susanoo or Sharingan.


4. Momoshiki otsutsuki– one of those, who has eyes on his hands They were initially red but after he consumes his guardian they become purple.. he is able to absorb any Jutsu and amplifies it to create further attack which is quite a dangerous technique. his rinnegan which is yellow turns red sometimes when he uses their powers.


Other Rinnegan Users

5. Urashiki – he has both byakugan and rinnegan. They have different colors he can easily switch them.  he is another member of otsutsiki while making him another wielder of dojutsu. His ability includes displaying himself and transport himself into the past to again do any actions done.

6. Nagato Uzumaki– Uzumaki clan members have special abilities and are full of chakra as compared to other clans. He used the six paths techniques.

A. Deva path – it controls attractive and repulsive forces

B. Asura path- a mechanically altering body within.

C. Human path – extracts souls from one another.

D. Animal path- summoning various creatures

E. Preta path – absorbing chakra

F. Naraka path- king of hell.

And one outer path is very powerful and can be use to revive the dead .this allows them to transmit chakra, manifest chakra to bind the tailed beasts, and create six paths of pain. And sharing vision within anybody created.

It is a whole vast topic that can be over in another blog.

While the rinegan is the only means by breaking the seal placed on demonic stature it can be used to fake a rinngan  this also used to seal the ten tails inside one’s body and become its jinchuriki

When one wiled the power of Rinne they can awaken Rinne Sharingan and approach the moon creating infinite Tsukuyomi

As any dojutsu the rinnegan can be tranplante. Madara got his eyes from Senju and after his death, he implemented them into young Nagato Uzumaki after him it was taken by Obito Uchiha who got one eye and hide another, knowing he cant handle both. After regained them after being revive

While rinnegan powers are yet to come in the upcoming series. We will see more users using it. For further information stay tuned.

If I even have missed any great point about this topic Kindly comment below so as that everyone can share. We’ll be happy to inform us about this within the comments So write your comments down below.

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