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America: The Motion Picture (2021): Actually This Movie is based on a plot in which an alternative world and timeline is defined. In this movie the President George Washington and his persons save their country by going to war.

As The genre of this movie is satirical adult animate science fiction and comedy.

in fact This Netflix fiction comedy Movie is a new upcoming movie which is direct by Matt Thompson Even though

This movie is based on the Founding Fathers of the United States and as well as also on the American Revolution.

Literally This movie story is written by Dave Callaham and also Dave Callaham has also written its screenplay.

Truly America: The Motion Picture (2021) movie Music is given by Mark Mothersbaugh.


In the same way America: The Motion Picture Movie (2021) is announce to be release in this year. very soon. As usual this Movie (2021)’s trailer is not out now. also It will be available to watch on Netflix.

However This movie is going to be schedule to premiere (release) shortly on June 30, 2021 (in the United States).

America: The Motion Picture (2021)
America: The Motion Picture (2021) Movie: When it is Coming?

CAST: America: The Motion Picture movie (2021)

In short The cast of America: The Motion Picture (2021) (film) is even staring a number of surprising names some of which are mention below.

  • Channing Tatum will play the character George Washington
  • Jason Mantzoukas will play the character, Sam Adams
  • Olivia Munn will play by Thomas Edison, a female version of Thomas.
  • Bobby Moynihan will play by Paul Revere
  • Judy Greer will play by Martha Washington
  • Will Forte will play by Abe Lincoln
  • Raoul Trujillo will play by Geronimo
  • Killer Mike will play by Blacksmith
  • Simon Pegg will play by King James
  • Andy Samberg will play by Benedict Arnold

Although Netflix will be going to Distribute this movie which is Produce by Lord Miller Productions, Floyd County Productions and Free Association as well.


Hence It was publically announcing on March 2017 to shot this movie.

Simultaneously This movie‘s Running time is expect to be 98 minutes and This movie’s Budget of production is expect to be $60 million but still there is not confirmation from production.

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