Anime Game: Top 10 Interesting Game Based Anime 2022

Anime Game: Whenever we are free we play games or watch anime. There is a good thing that we can play anime based games on digital platforms which is very good.  The game based can be called as an Isekai anime in which the main focus is on the main character which is very powerful. But it doesn’t apply to all the anime which are present in the list which means that you can enjoy even more in the game mode of anime which is why here is the list which you can enjoy more when you are free.

Anime Game

1. Susume no Net-juu (Anime Game)

The number one anime is on the list is this anime. This is a Slice of Life anime about Moriko Morioka, a 30-year-old woman who becomes a NEET after being sacked from her work Morioka uses her time off from work to play online games as Hayashi, a male character Morioka failed the first quest several times before meeting Lily, a female character performed by Yuuta Sakurai. After then, Lily leads Hayashi on an adventure until the two protagonists fall in love. He anime is famous for the scenes and the love relationship it presents.

Anime Game

2. Death March Kara Hajimaru isekai kyousu koku

The second anime on the list is this anime. The anime, which is based on a game, is your usual isekai anime. The protagonist is overpowered from the start, has a harem of many races, and lives in a magnificent fantasy realm. The fans, on the other hand, adore this basic isekai concept. The plot of Death March is unusual, and the pacing isn’t too slow Satou, the main character, is an expert at strategizing, calculating the profit and loss of his acts, and remaining calm despite traveling the world with his harem.

Anime Game

3.  Sword Art Online (Anime Game)

This one is the most famous anime on the list. Who hasn’t heard of SAO before? Yes, Sword Art Online is an excellent example of a game-themed anime and isekai, and it is largely responsible for the genre’s popularity. With the advancement of virtual reality, the concept of a full-dive MMORPG virtual world appears to be increasingly real. Sword Art Online has a large number of series. You can begin by viewing SAO Alicization’s first season.

Anime Game

4. There is no life without a game.

No Game No Life features a difficult-to-predict plot, unusual animation, great background music, and extensive character development. After seeing the first episode, you will be astound. Sora and Shiro are hikikomori brothers and sisters. Tet, the god, transports them to a realm where the rules are determined by a game. Sora uses his talent and clever intellect to formulate strategy as the leader of mankind, while Shiro uses her calculation and reasoning to defeat the leaders of other races. There is just one goal: to elevate humanity to the pinnacle of civilization.

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5. Log Horizon (Anime Game)

 At a glimpse, Log Horizon may also appear much like SAO, in which the characters are trapped inner an MMORPG game. But Log Horizon passed the viewer’s expectation. The most important person surprises all of us together along with the splendid in-recreation understanding that allows him to devise a plan and plenty of greater – making Log Horizon greater practical and relatable but nevertheless a piece of fiction.

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6. Accel World (Anime Game)

This anime is claimed to exist within the same world as weapon system Art on-line however from a special timeline. Accel World itself is associate anime that solely a number of is aware of. To enter the sport, the player needs to install a mysterious program known as Brain burst to their Neuro Linker.

Turns out Brain Burst enhances thought method by a thousand times however it comes with a dangerous aspect result. Haruyuki Arita’s world is forever modified once Kuroyukihime gave him Brain Burst and took him into Accel World.

Anime Game

7. Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?

 This anime with a long title is about Hideki Nishimura, a boy who’s traumatized after chancing out that his in-game gal is a managed than him in real life. Hideki rejects the idea that a girl will play an online game.  2 times passes and a girl asks Hideki to marry her in a game and it turns out that she’s indeed a beautiful girl in real life named Ako Tamaki. Aki has a hard time separating her game and reality, and she finds it hard to communicate with others.

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8. Overlord (Anime Game)

This anime is famous for combining two types of anime genres which is quite good but the theme remains hidden from most of the anime lovers secretly The anime shows a mix of two genres which are comedy and dark The story focus on the story of the main character Ainz Gown, how he starts his journey, and how he becomes s ruthless demon king for the people of his kind. The anime is quite interesting t watch.

9. Btooom (Anime Game)

Another battle royale game which is similar to others but here the main weapon is a bomb The game is interesting and shows different kinds of personalities The players who are top rank are kidnap and moved to an island On the island, players are force to play the game in real life. They have to use only their body part to win. The only purpose of the game is to survive on the island.

10. Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorai Majutsu

This is the final anime in the list in which the main character is legendary which means that MMORPG game called Cross Reverie He plays as Takuma Sakamoto and he is called the Demon King because he is very powerful. One day he wakes up and finds himself in the game. His journey of him is to play the game and win it is shown in the anime.

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