There is a great relation between Loki’s final episode and Wanda Vision’s final episode.

Loki and Wanda Vision: If you have watched both the episodes then most

probably you would not have noticed such high details and if you have not

watched the final episodes of both these series then I want to tell you that

you should first watch those episodes as I am going to give you some

spoilers of these episodes.

Loki and Wanda Vision

Both the final episodes of Wanda Vision and Loki are synced

and they are synced so nicely that it is almost impossible to find out the

relation between these two, but if you try to watch both Wanda Vision’s

final episode and Loki’s final episode side by side, you will be able to see

the sync and from this sync and relation, we can infer that whatever

happens in the final episode of Wanda Vision is because of what happens

in the final episode of Loki. At exactly 27:55 when in Wanda Vision,

Wanda becomes a scarlet witch is the same time when he who remains tells

Loki and Wanda Vision

Loki that they have just crossed the threshold. (Loki and Wanda Vision)

And at 28:14 when he who remains drops something on the desk, the

same time Agatha Harkness hits the ground in Wanda Vision. It means

we can put forward a theory that Loki has actually created the ending of

Wanda Vision, let me explain this in some detail. There is a scene in

Loki’s final episode where multiple timelines get create which is a direct

hint at what happened in the ending of Wanda Vision when Wanda hears

the noise of her son crying and screaming for help. Her son had been created

by Agatha Harkness but was erase from reality. This might be an

indication that the two sons exist in some other timeline or in some

other reality.

If I even have missed any great point about this. Kindly comment below

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the comments. So write your thoughts down below within the comment

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