Tsukuyomi isn’t time based, it affect’s the opponent’s ability to perceive time, making three second’s feel like three day’s for instance. Izanagi technique is time based because it has a certain amount of time before the Izanagi releasing on its own and thus the Sharingan is rendered blind forever. Izanami isn’t time based because it affect’s the user’s physical sensations and it does not release until the user accept’s his fate. There aren’t time based Genjutsu other than that.


  1. I know in the manga danzo says to sasuke itachi could alter your perception of time but on page 168 itachis story:midnight says tsukuyomi allowed him to completly control time, space and matter. episode 210 danzo tells sasuke his genjutsu was a far cry from itachi who could freely manipulate time so where do we go from here lol


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