Ariana Grande To Be Featured in Fortnite’s Rift Tour Concert Series

Ariana Grande To Be: A series of Fortnite namely Fortnite’s

Rift Tour Concert Series which is going to start on August 6

up to 8 in which Ariana Grande is going to be featured.

Now You have the choice that you can able to dress up one

and only Ariana Grande for her Grande’s concerts. Ariana

Grande is now officially coming to the world-recognized

Ariana Grande To Be

game Fortnite. On the day of Sunday the organization,

Epic Games has revealed something good about the record

holder as well as the breaking superstar who is now coming

over to its Fortnite’s Rift Tour series. She is the 28-year old

only with a Grammy-winning title and also this artist is

known for her songs for example Thank U, Next.

Ariana Grande To Be

She is right now also the most streamed singer in the female

category over Spotify and as well as one Apple Music.

The Fortnite game which has made its sensation all over the world

is till now been in the news for its releasing updates

which will consist of a lot of famous celebrities through

their unique mode options and as well as their style which is

Ariana Grande To Be

also their most famous game’s part that is their Icon series.

Here is we are providing the full-time table of the Fortnite Rift

Tour which is going to feature Ariana Grande with timings:

1th Show is going to behold on Friday, August 6 at 3 pm PT

2nd Show is going to behold on Saturday, August 7 at 11 pm PT

3rd Show is going to behold on Saturday, August 7 at 9 pm PT

4th Show is going to behold on Sunday, August 8 at 7 am PT

5th Show is going to be held on Sunday, August 8 at 3 pm PT

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