Attack on Titan: Top 10 Brutal Moments

ATO: The fast-paced action and meaningful moments that define Attack on Titan are endless fun. The characters of Eren, Mikasa, and Armin grow as the series progresses, and it’s good to revisit the moments that made them the characters we meet today.

But, unfortunately, even the villains and supporting characters have scenes that they dismiss as full cast members. From carefree romance to incredible moments of intense action, fans can’t help but watch these iconic scenes from the Attack on Titan anime again.


10. Armin Nukes Marley

Who could have imagined that the shy but caring Armin would one day cause such destruction? After Eren and the Scout Corps infiltrate the Marley nation and declare war on everyone, Armin enters the perimeter of Marley’s naval fleet. Once in position,

he transforms into the colossal Titan, destroying the fleet and killing dozens of innocent people. It is even more tragic that it was only because he became exactly what he was fighting against that

he was finally able to understand the feelings of his predecessor Bertholdt.


9. Gelgar & Nanaba`s Despair

Though they fight bravely against an incoming Titan horde, seasoned scouts Gelgar and Nanaba deal not with pride but with over whelming fear. Before being swept away by the Titans,

Gelgar desperately tries to enjoy one last bottle of liquor in his final moments. Unfortunately for him, it was used ironically to treat Reiner’s injuries. As for Nanaba … her final moments are much worse. She falls into hysteria when she is ripped apart by Titans and begs her abusive father for mercy. It’s such a brutal scene that even Ymir got sick.


8. Levi defeats Hell Eren Jaeger

Despite risking his life to stop an invasion of Titan, the exposure of his Titan powers leads to Eren being brought to justice. Most people demand its execution is bad enough, but even that is tame compared to what follows. After a violent explanation from Eren nearly leads to him being shot by armed guards, Levi intervenes and continues to beat him.

Although he does this to save him, it is such a cruel sight to see Levi take a beating while Eren is unable to defend himself, leaving even those who wish for Eren’s death speechless.


7. Let Marco Die

After the Battle of Solace, Jean discovers that his friend Marco is one of the many victims who perished during the invasion of Titan. Marco being nearly bitten in half is pretty brutal, but when the exact details of his death are revealed later, it gets a lot worse.

After discovering by chance that Bertholdt and Reiner are the colossal and armed Titans, they quickly subdue him. However, rather than commit suicide, Reiner forces Annie to deprive Marco of the ODM team, leaving Marco unable to escape an incoming Titan. Although they have successfully kept their secret, they are all traumatized when they let Marco die.


6. Armin burns (ATO)

When it comes to challenging the goons, they don’t get much bigger than the Colossal Titan. To help Eren defeat the Titan, Armin acts as a decoy by fighting him on his behalf. Armin musters all his courage and determination and forces the Titan into a battle of attrition after attempting to push him away with a brilliant blast of steam. Forced to endure unimaginable pain, Armin refuses to budge. Unfortunately, Armin’s self-sacrifice causes his body to be burned beyond recognition while his determination remains strong.


5. The Deaths of Zofia & Udo (ATO)

One moment you are enjoying a festival with your friends, the next you know that you are fighting to stay alive. After Eren transforms into a Titan and kills the head of the Tybur family,

his actions also result in the death of numerous civilians. Among them is the Marley soldier Zofia, who is crushed by a piece of debris. His partner Udo, on the other hand, is less fortunate. In his futile attempt to save Zofia, he is trampled on by a terrified crowd while his friends Gabi and Colt are forced to watch the terrible scene, unable to help.


4. Death of Hannes (ATO)

During the operation to save Eren from the armored and colossal titans, he and Mikasa have an unfortunate reunion with the titan responsible for the murder of his mother. Eager to make amends for her cowardice and her inability to save Eren’s mother, Hannes attempts to kill her himself. However, when Eren learns that he cannot transform into a Titan and help Hannes,

Eren desperately tries to unleash his transformation to the point where he bites his hand. In the end, Hannes cannot escape the Titan’s grip and is eaten. The scene is so traumatic that Eren’s mind collapses, and he curses his helplessness.


3. Bertholdt demands a ransom (ATO)

If fans like or despise Bertholdt for what he has done, there is no denying that his ending is entirely disgusting. After losing the battle to Eren, they decide to keep him alive long enough to turn a dying Armin into a Titan so that

he can eat Bertholdt and gain the power of the colossal Titan. Rather than accept his fate, Bertholdt desperately asks for help from his former colleagues,

who refuse to come to his aid. Most terrifying, however, are Bertholdt’s last words, who desperately yells at his Marley comrades. Although he has reaped what he sowed, it is easy to see Bertholdt turn in his final moments.

2. Levi kills the animal titan (ATO)

After being forced to watch the animal titan mercilessly kill his comrades, Levi is more than ready to unleash all his wrath. Although the Beast Titan is one of the strongest titans on the market,

he turns out to be powerless in the face of Levi’s wrath. What follows is a one-sided revenge slaughter in which Levi overpowers and disembowels the Titan Beast.

Chopping and chopping until he pulls Zeke out of his furry hideaway and gives him a taste of Survey Corp steel. It turns out there was only one beast on this battlefield, and it wasn’t Zeke.

Before I reveal my top picks, here are some honourable mentions.

A) Annie kills Levi’s squad

B) Eren and Mikasa kill kidnappers

C) Mike’s downfall

1. Eren eats the Titan war hammer

Initially, he wanted to destroy all the Titans and learn the truth about the world behind the walls, so Eren forces himself into a new enemy; Humanity. As a result, Eren’s personality changes drastically to the point where he is even ready to kill others, including civilians.

One of the most brutal examples of this was demonstrate in his victory over Warhammer Titan Lyra. After Lyra’s defeat and capture, Eren brutally dismembered the Titanium Pine Porco before smashing Lyra’s crystal shell with his titanium. Eren then demonstrates a new level of cruelty by forcing Porco to kill his comrade against his will and then voraciously swallow his remains. Shit, Eren.

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