ATO Levi: 13 Things You must know about Levi From Attack on Titan 2022

ATO Levi: Hello, Friends How are you all, I hope you are doing great and Watching Anime as always. As the New season of Attack On Titan is airing people are enjoying it more. The fight which started between humans and titan has turned into a fight between two nations. The characters are many but you must have all their favorite. The thing is that this Anime has some characters which are beyond imagination. Here I am going to talk about on of those characters named Levi Ackerman, he ranks as one of the most popular characters in this series. But there are many things that even his fans are not aware of about him. So here are some of the Unknown facts about Levi.

ATO Levi

13. A Man who loves Cleanliness (ATO Levi)

From the first season itself, we have seen that Levi wants to keep everything Clean, people make fun of him for these things but it has a sad past with it. When he was a child he lived in an underground city where he lived In a brothel with his mother until she passed away. He lived In very bad and dirty conditions. He has a trauma about it which is why he keeps everything clean.

ATO Levi

12. doesn’t eat too much (ATO Levi)

As a kid, Levi was very weak because he was not getting enough food, once he was so weak that he was unable to move. When he started eating something he was only able to eat a very less amount of food. It is also stated In the anime that he is a bit lax with his diet which means that he doesn’t like eating too much.

ATO Levi

11. No Romance Person (ATO Levi)

Levi is a serious type of person, due to the harsh conditions he faced in his childhood he became less romantic and he doesn’t show any sign of expression on his face, which means that he is very less romantic. He is not able to express himself, he though helps his srewmates but doesn’t necessarily like to spend time with them.

ATO Levi

10. His Unusual Name

When talking about his name it is kind of different from others, his first name is a biblical name of Hebrew origin. The name was derived from the Levites, one of the 12 Tribes of the Israelties. It means united or joined to be precise. His last name is Ashkenazi Jewish surname of Yiddish Origin, which means “ploughman”. Thus his name has different origins.

ATO Levi

9. Tea Lover (ATO Levi)

Fans from India can relate with him with his Tea Habits . he like tea and often he is seen drinking tea, which he likes to take plain. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like suagr or coffee. He just liked to enjoy things simple which makes it more good.

ATO Levi

8. High alcohol Intolerance (ATO Levi)

Levi is the type of person who likes to drink means that he is a fan of Beverages. Sometimes he is also seen to have drink alcohol with his Crewmates and fellow members. But do you know that Levi has a high amount of Alcohol Intolerance which means that he can drink a large amount of alcohol without even getting drunk. He remains sane even after drinking so much of alcohol which signifies his capability.

ATO Levi

7. Relationship with Hange

From the starting of the show, we have seen the chemistry between Levi and hange. They are more than just friends but it has not been shown in the series that they are in love with each other since there is no possibility which has been shown. Levi also takes care of Hange and asks her to bathe daily since she doesn’t take bath regularly.

ATO Levi

6. Blood type

 There is a saying in Japanese Culture that says that your blood type directly affects your personality. Thus it can be significant with the fact that Levi has Type A blood which means that he is number one. People with this kind of Blood type of known to have stubborn personalities and perfectionists who are best at what they do.

ATO Levi

5. Cutting Hairs

As we know that Levi is found clean, he doesn’t let anyone touch his hair at the time of inclination which means that he cuts his hair by himself using clippers.

ATO Levi

4. Taking short showers

It is seen that when Levi showers, he only takes two or three minutes. This opposes the fact that he cares for cleanliness too much. In survey cops, they have limited water so it doesn’t shock anyone to take short baths.

ATO Levi

3. He suffers from insomnia

Levi only sleeps for two or three hours a day at night. Since he sleeps so little, he is not intereste in going to bed or even changing his dress for the night. He sleeps on the chair which is present near him.

2. Age (ATO Levi)

His age is a mystery for everyone who Is out there which means that no one is able to guess his exact age, and remains a mystery for most of people. Isayama says that he is very old but not so old that he is going to put things aside on the list. he is supposed to be living in his late thirties which means that he is slightly older than his fellow mates I the age.

1. More than a soldier

Levi is said to be the best in the survey corps, which is why he remains busy all the time. But if he was not busy with these things, he might have a shop Tea which means that he is a tea lover. Which signifies his true power.

So here are some of the interesting facts about Levi from Attack on Titan. I hope you enjoyed it.

If I even have missed any great point about this topic Kindly comment below so as that everyone can share. We’ll be happy to inform us about this within the comments So write your comments down below.

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