Bruce would get paid

BATMAN: as He is the CEO of the proudly known organization Wayne Enterprises.

Bruce Wayne’s earnings are basically dependent upon the Profits of Wayne Enterprises

which would go into his pocket because of his ownership of the company as he has

a big chunk in the company. Also, his various investments have also brought money

from various sources. Bruce Wayne has unimaginable money,

it is so huge chunk of money that his total money makes new money

just by sitting around and doing nothing.

How Much BATMAN earn?

Surprisingly here we are talking about the movie’s earrings

and their profits. We will see how much each movie has earned

and what was their release dates and production cost.

Let’s get into it J

BudgetWeekendBox OfficeBox Office
Mar 4, 2022The Batman    
Oct 4, 2019Joker$55,000,000$96,202,337$335,451,311$1,072,507,517
Aug 15, 2017Batman and Harley Quinn   $39,091
Feb 10, 2017The Lego Batman – Movie$80,000,000$53,003,468$175,750,384$310,570,560
Jul 25, 2016Batman:: The Killing Joke…  $3,775,000$4,361,038
Mar 25, 2016Batman v Superman:: Dawn of …$263,000,000$166,007,347$330,360,194$872,395,091
Feb 2, 2016Batman-Bad: Blood    
Aug 4, 2015Batman Unlimited: Monster M…    
Apr 28, 2015Batman Unlimited: Animal In…    
Jan 29, 2013Batman: The Dark Knight Ret…$3,500,000   
Sep 25, 2012Batman: The Dark Knight Ret…    
Jul 20, 2012The Dark Knight Rises$230,000,000$160,887,295$448,139,099$1,082,228,107
Jul 18, 2008The Dark Knight$185,000,000$158,411,483$533,720,947$999,046,281
Jul 8, 2008Batman: Gotham Knight    
Feb 26, 2008Justice League – The New Fr…    
Jun 15, 2005Batman Begins:…$150,000,000$48,745,440$205,343,774$359,004,502
Jul 23, 2004Catwoman$100,000,000$16,728,411$40,202,379$82,078,046
Jun 20, 1997Batman & Robin$125,000,000$42,872,605$107,325,195$238,317,814
Jun 16, 1995Batman Forever$100,000,000$52,784,433$184,031,112$336,529,144
Dec 25, 1993Batman: Mask of the Phantasm $1,406,291$5,635,204$5,635,204
Jun 18, 1992Batman Returns$80,000,000$45,687,710$162,833,635$266,824,291
Jun 23, 1989Batman$35,000,000$40,489,746$251,188,924$411,348,924
Averages $117,208,333$73,602,214$214,135,166$431,491,829
Totals22$1,406,500,000 $2,783,757,158$6,040,885,610

Batman movies in release date order

Mention Below you will find all of the movies

with their released theatrically in the decades since the character’s creation.

(Batman 1943)

(Batman and Robin (1949))

Suicide Squad (2016)

BatmanThe Movie (1966)


The Lego BatmanMovie (2017)

BatmanReturns (1992)

BatmanMask of the Phantasm (1993)

The Dark Knight (2008)

BatmanForever (1995)

Batman& Robin (1997)

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

BatmanBegins (2005)

Batmanv/s Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Justice League (2017)

Joker (2019)


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