When it involves Batman ninja I even have very mixed feelings because

Batman Ninja while I even have tremendous respect for this movie I’m curious.

I watched Batman ninja yesterday. I used to be like what why are

they not just coming right out and saying they like it because the trailer

looks so amazing right well now I understand because while again.

I even have respect for it overall it feels more sort of a demo reel

for what this Japanese animation talent can do instead of sort of a

standalone complete felt but thereon note especially once

they brief briefly returned to modern-day Gotham at the very end well

I might love for DC to form a Batman animated series from this team Akira style.

Tony Hale because the Joker now Tara Strong has really become

the de-facto Harlequin voice lately you recognize taking up for Arleen Sorkin

who originated the character in additional ways than one she was actually

Paul Dini’s inspiration for the character when he first created it but

Tara Strong is basically growing into the role.

Batman Ninja
Batman Ninja : Movie Review

I realized that big robots are an enormous a part of Japanese popular culture

and have tons of fans but I’m NOT one among them

I just really didn’t love it although I will be able to say that two-face

had the good robot castle right although it made no sense how

it could really exist like it’s like there is no machinery that wouldn’t allow

this I did like watching it so then there’s the Stinger at the very end

in modern-day Gotham which was so incredibly atmospheric with the rain

and like watercolors I just loved it as I said it jogged my memory tons of Akira

this section must be with the new animated series is like and that I need it like immediately.

It’s so amazing I might tell you to observe it only for this

right it had been so good and that they can throw inside stories

just like the mid-section, a part of this movie right and thus won tons of awards

which they might probably deserve I mean Academy voters like the Emmys

and stuff would just eat that up and critics you recognize I feel

it might buy the series tons Oh interesting Legion really hasn’t enjoyed that

but you recognize this is often an animation so it’s drawing it actually is to

some people more likely considered art so I feel it might be a boon

to the series that require alright so what are your thoughts on

this demo reel should we hire the batman ninja team they’ve applied for the work

so once you again once you hire them and what would you hire them to try to.

So write your thoughts down below within the comment box and in fact as always you’ll inspect some more of my blogs.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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