Batman Soul of the Dragon: Today we are getting to talking about this movie titled Batman Soul of the Dragon Movie (2021).

Batman Soul of the Dragon: we’re talking about the dc animated universe film batmansoul of the dragon

within the 1970s. the hairstyle the clothing everything screams the 1970s

and that I was crazy with the way that this film looked it is unique thanks to telling a Batman story

batman is approached by a former classmate of his Richard dragon

to travel checking out a missing martial arts teacher throughout the film

Richard dragon and batman get other classmates of theirs like lady shiva.

a missing martial arts teacher is that the subject of a search by batman and his former classmates.

I do not feel that strong connection that the flash back swere alleged to build up so for a story for this movie I feel the design of it.

the characters the score the Bond quite opening worked then quite entered the dragon

then Richard dragon looks a touch almost like Lee I loved all of these elements in here I have been watching all the dc animated universe films and that they all quite felt

an equivalent but this one feels very different from what we’ve gotten before It is a one-time watch movie.

Batman Soul of the Dragon
Batman Soul of the Dragon (2021) Movie Review


  • David Gluntoll as Bruce Wayan/Batman
  • Mark Dacascos as Richard Dragon
  • Kelly Hu as Lady Shiva
  • Michael Jai Whight as Ben Turner
  • James Hong as O-Sensei
  • Eric Bauza as Axe Gang Leader

If i even have missed any great point about this movie.

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