Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One movie (2021).

Part One of Batman: The Long Halloween which will going to be released

over digital as well as on Blu-ray on the date of June 22 this year indeed.

On the same way Part Two is expected to be release as digitally form on the date July 27

this year as well and also over Blu-ray might be on the date August 10.

Actually This upcoming American animated direct-to-video superhero movie, which directed by Chris Palmer.

However This movie is based on DC Comics storyline of the Comic Batman: The Long Halloween.

As the releasing date of Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One is getting closer and closer instantly.

In fact The Warner Bros. productions is also starting to keep teasing all of us with

the new images of this movie to be sure. Additionally This moment they have revealed both

the heroes and as well as the villains of this action-packed movie with some scenes in it.

And The existence of blood is coming with no more surprise forsooth.

As we all knows that the two-part of this movie which adapts a very violent and action storyline to boot.

Although It might be the reason to become responsible so as it is going to be the R-rating movie

of Batman as usual. Literally The Long Halloween, Part Two which is got from very famous

the Motion Picture Association On the other hand. As we all Following the main story even with

the same name comic which was written by Jeph Loeb with the help of artist named Tim Sale.

Absolutely Batman: The Long Halloween might show us this definitive form of transformation

of the Harvey Dent who was District Attorney (which is voiced by actor Josh Duhamel) in reality

into Two-Face (the villain) As the comic book arc which had also shows a lot of classic Batman villains exactly.

Batman The Long Halloween
Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One (2021) – New Joker Reveal, Release date, cast

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One movie (2021)                                                                                                           


In short The cast of Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One is staring a number of

surprising names some of which are mention below.

  • Jensen Ackles will voice be the of Bruce Wayne / Batman
  • Naya Rivera will voice be the of Selina Kyle / Catwoman
  • Josh Duhamel will voice be the of Harvey Dent
  • Billy Burke will voice be the of James Gordon
  • Titus Welliver will voice be the of Carmine Falcone
  • David Dastmalchian will voice be the of Julian Day / Calendar Man
  • Troy Baker will voice be the of Joker
  • Amy Landecker will voice be the of Barbara Gordon
  • Julie Nathanson will voice be the of Gilda Dent
  • Jack Quaid will voice be the of Alberto Falcone
  • Fred Tatasciore will voice be the of Solomon Grundy
  • Alastair Duncan will voice be the of Alfred Pennyworth
  • Jim Pirri will voice be the of Sal Maroni

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