BATTLEFIELD 2042 (2021): New Game on the way trailer released

BATTLEFIELD 2042: EA and DICE has finally officially announced new game named

Battlefield(2042) (Battlefield 6) last week through a livestream over YouTube.

It is a five-minute cinematic game trailer which gave its fans its first look of the game

which might be set in the near future 2042 to be precise.

It is Just ahead of other games like Xbox and Bethesda’s E3 2021 showcase.

BATTLEFIELD 2042 trailer released: New Game on the way

Battlefield 2042’s gameplay footage is release over Twitter.

The Battlefield 2042 might be multiplayer game only.

This with no traditional like campaign just so as to say.

However, the game’s message is like that the world is likely on the edge of war in which all are out.

This is because we have fail to deal with our climate and also humanitarian crisis.

Food, energy and water shortages all these had led to this

“greatest refugee of crisis in the human history” which is following the failure of so of the world’s countries.

Battlefield 2042 is dated to be release on date October 22, 2021

for PS5, PS4, PC, and Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One.

although the last-generation consoles might not support this 128-player online game.

The first gameplay of this game will be reveal or will launch at 6 PM BST (UK time). This will be a project as a part of the showcase (the Xbox Games).

You can follow that the entire event on the stream.

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