Actually Avengers Infinity War was an outstanding movie

Avengers Infinity War: with great actors, great dialogues, great visuals, great fight sequences, and great everything else.

in fact, There were many scenes in the infinity war that gave everyone Goosebumps,

and also forced everyone to feel that

and get carried away with what was actually happening on screen indeed and

I have even watched all those scenes and in the same way,

I have come across those scenes first one is that I have liked the most and the other one is that I have hated the most So let’s take a look

at the best and the worst scene in the entire movie but before that further,

let me be clear that the worst scene doesn’t mean and the scene,

that was not directed well but rather refers to

the most disheartening and sad part of the movie The best scene

in the entire movie according to me was that the scene when Thor came in

Wakanda and continually shouted Bring me, Thanos! therefore, Believe me,

that scene gave me Goosebumps and then I was literally in my seat

wanted to whistle but couldn’t because of theatre policies there, and then

I was shouting in my mind with passion, yes Thor, go and kill Thanos,

and the intensity with which Chris Hemsworth said this dialogue,

was the most addictive dialogue according to me in the entire movie yet.

Avengers Infinity War
Avengers Infinity War: Best and the Worst moment of Avengers Infinity War

Now let’s come to the worst movie scene so everybody

has different opinions about which scene was the worst?

so Let me tell you the scene that I considered as the most disheartening scene of the entire movie also. in fact,

That scene made me angry but rather I was sadder and the scene was when Thor attempted to kill Thanos,

and all of us were thinking that finally, Thanos has been defeated but waits now

Thanos says that you, should have gone for the head and snaps the finger and in just a second everyone begins turning into dust immediately.

in the same way What the hell was that I mean you could see the emotion in Thor’s eye

that how sad he was when Thanos just disappears and he could not defeat Thanos lastly.

Comment down your favorite part in brief and the part that you feel is the most disheartening moment in the entire picture also.


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