Best breathing forms from Demon Slayer (kimetsu no Yaiba)

Best breathing forms: Hello guys. We all love watching Demon Slayer and have seen those mind-blowing breathing forms. You all will be keen to know about them. So here are the top breathing forms which are used in Demon slayer.

1. Insect or Flower breathing form (Best breathing forms)

As the name suggests this technique is made up of using Movements of insects. Flower breathing uses smell and techniques of the flower. Like insects, this form also uses a sting attacks. Shinobu uses this technique with her sword which is needle-like with a tip being poisoned to kill demons. They have techniques like butterfly dance, centipede dance, bee sting dance, and dance of dragonfly.

Best breathing forms

2. Mist Breathing (Best breathing forms)

It is derive from water breathing. Mist breathing allows users to create fog to distract and after that allows the user to attack in the mist. This creates confusion in demon or enemies. In anime, it is use by Muichiro Tokito, the youngest hashira. Who got the status of hashira in just two months. There are seven forms. The last one is deadliest in which the user creates an obscure cloud and attacks in the blink of an eye.

Best breathing forms

3. Sounds breathing (Best breathing forms)

This is derive from the Thunder breathing form. This technique uses sound to identify the movement of the enemy. Uzui Tengen the sound hashira uses this. This has five techniques some of which are First form -Roar, fourth from – constant resounding slash, and fifth form- String performance. He has a great ability to manipulate and understand sound. He will be seen in the upcoming Entertainment district arc.

Best breathing forms

4. Wind breathing –

As the name sounds, it uses wind to produce the killing effects. It can also be derive from sun breathing. Presently this technique is use by Sanemi Shinazugawa. This technique can be more evolved to create beast breathing. It has mainly nine forms some of which are dash and slash and gale sudden gusts. This is also use to create tornado and other hazardous wind disasters.

Best breathing forms

5. Beast breathing –

An evolved form of wind breathing. This technique is exclusively use by Inosuke hashibira. This is mainly base on the techniques of wild animals, how to hunt and how they do other stuff.  This technique is versatile and very useful. Inosuke uses fangs in this technique. It has ten forms which are very lethal. He created this technique while living with wild boar. His fighting style is very wild just like a boar. He goes mad while fighting just like other wild animals.

Best breathing forms

6. Thunder Breathing –

This is another technique that is derive from sun breathing. In this technique, the power of thunder is use. This form mainly uses lightning and thunder which is speed and power to attack the Demons. In anime, this technique is use by Zenitsu Agatsuma. It has mainly seven forms. In the anime-only first form which is Thunderclap and Flash is seen. He used this techn against the Demon Enmu in the Movie Demon slayer The Mugen train. The final form which is the seventh form is the deadliest which uses power in which the user dashes forward with incredible speed shaped like a dragon.

Best breathing forms

7. Flame breathing –

The flame breathing is another form of fire breathing. This technique uses the movement and abilities of flemas. The burning sensation generated from this is very helpful. In anime, Kyojuro Rengoku uses this technique. This has been shown in the movie Thr mugen train. It has nine techniques that are specialize of the Rengoku family. He visualizes be movement of flames and attack the enemies. Another form which is love breathing is derive from this technique.

Best breathing forms

8. Stone breathing –

This technique uses earth-style connection with the user. In anime, Gyomei himejima uses this technique. He is said to be the strongest hashira present. Gyomei has master all five types of stone breathing. He was blind since birth and then he made a special connection with the earth to master this form. Gyomei makes this technique more powerful with his willpower without him it is just a normal technique.

9. Water breathing –

This is the first breathing form seen in the anime mastered by Giyu Tomioka. This uses water formation and movement. It has more subform like insect, flower, and serpent breathing. Tanjiro kamado the main character of the series also uses this technique. It has eleven forms. The lss one being most deadliest name Dead calm. The techniques are more dependent upon how the user uses it This technique has been shown more than sny form in the anime and might be one of the favourite of the fans.

10. Sun breathing –

This technique is develope using abilities of sun. All other forms like Flame, Water, Thunder, moon, stone etc are derive from this technique This technique has both intensity and breathing of sun. Tanjiro will be seen using this technique soon in the anime. We already have a glimpse of when Tanjiro was fighting Rui. This technique has 13 forms. Some of which are dragon dance and slash fire cut. Tanjiro will make use of tbis technique as this technique doesn’t allow Demon to heal themselves as sun directly affect regeneration.

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