Best horror K dramas available on Netflix that you should Watch Right Now

Best horror K dramas: For a long time, it is the American industry that has ruled the horror genre. But time is changing and South Korean horror movies are going deeper  It is very obvious that South Korean dramas always offer something new in the predictable world. The same is true for Korean horror movies. There are many South Korean horror movies and dramas that are more frightening than Hollywood horror. The South Korean horror movies come in a great range from supernatural mysteries to terrifying zombie apocalypses. It is a sure fact that Korean horror movies are never going to disappoint their viewers.

Here is the list of best South Korean horror movies available on Netflix:

Best horror K dramas

7. Sweet Home: (Best horror K dramas)

The movie is based on a popular webtoon also named as Sweet Home The show depicts the story of a young boy named Hyun. Hyun lost his entire family in a terrible incident. After losing his family he decides to shift into a new apartment. With time Hyun starts to realize that this apartment has many supernatural mysteries inside it.

Sweet Home was launched for the public in December 2020. The show received great viewership from all over the world. The series became the first South Korean series to become one among the top ten series watched in the USA.

Best horror K dramas

6. The Call:

The movie gained attention because of its unique story The movie is about a 28-year old girl named who goes to meet her grandmother Seo-Yeon misplaces her phone and without her phone, she doesn’t have any way to contact the outside world She gets almost trapped in that place with no way of contacting the outside world. Inside her isolated home, she finds an old phone. Later she finds that with that phone she was able to communicate with a woman named Young-sook who lived in the same house 20 years ago She found that Young-sook is suffering from supernatural disturbances that are beyond her knowledge She tries to save Young-sook only to get herself in a hell of terrifying trouble The movie is available on Netflix and is a must-watch for horror lovers.

Best horror K dramas

5. Goedam: (Best horror K dramas)

Horror series are very common across the world. The trend of producing Horror series was not so common in South Korea.

This changed with the production of Goedam. Goedam is a series of horror stories with each episode offering a different ghost story. Each episode depicts a unique urban ghost story with the episodes being only 15 minutes long or less.

Goedam is unique because it is based on a Korean anthology and its runtime is less compared to other such series. Goedam gives the viewers a unique sense of horror. Most of the horror anthologies are at least half an hour or long but Goedam keeps it short and thus unique.

Best horror K dramas

4. Nightmare High:

it’s is the story of a few school students who starts observing ghostly supernatural things occurring in their life as soon as their new teacher starts teaching them at the school. it’s is a unique story mixed with a bit of anime experience. Nightmare High as the name suggests is a series that features Nightmares turning into reality. In the series also students slowly discover that their ghostly dreams are turning into reality.

Nightmare High is a short series but is definitely a binge-watch It has enough horrifying and supernatural elements that make it a worth watch.

Best horror K dramas

3. #Alive: (Best horror K dramas)

Alive is a unique Zombie genre film. The story is a sub-Zombie genre that revolves around a blogger who accidentally gets trapped inside his apartment While he is trapped in his apartment zombie apocalypse breaks out in the city The video blogger now has to choose between staying in his apartment or going to the next extent and featuring this Zombie apocalypse in his video blogging. The movie is highly appreciated by critics for its direction and uniqueness. The movie has received a viewers rating of 88% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Best horror K dramas

2. The Guest:

The show is the story of a psychic boy named Hwa-Pyung who is determined to catch and stop the evil soul of Sohn or also called the guest.

Sohn is an evil soul that captures weak persons and forces them to kill their loved ones. To catch Sohn, Hwa-Pyung teams up with a detective and a priest. The show is largely based on the theme of exorcism. The show received a nationwide rating of 4% which is quite good to add to your binge-watch list.

1. Kingdom: (Best horror K dramas)

The kingdom is another South Korean Zombie show focused on a lot of bloodshed. The show had two seasons. The kingdom is the story of a Zombie apocalypse occurring amidst a political drama.

The show is frightening and also has its own share of entertainment and drama in it. The show is directed in the same way as Game of Thrones is. it’s is equally violent and features a hell of a lot of bloodshed

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