Best Korean K-dramas of 2021 that you should watch in 2022 again

Best Korean K-dramas: K-dramas come in a huge range offering something for everyone. The year 2021 has experienced a huge increase in the popularity of K-dramas. The year 2021 is indeed the year of K-drama. Squid Game and Hell Bound became the world’s most-watched series. Apart from it, there are K-dramas for every genre to every emotion. Some of the dramas offer a small light of hope in the darkness, some try to raise voices against the wrong in society while some try to make people fight for their life endlessly. There is no chance that any person will not find a K-drama that suits his interests. In this blog, we will look at the best Korean dramas of 2021 that you should binge-watch at the earliest.

Best Korean K-dramas

1. Happiness: (Best Korean K-dramas)

The drama is a story of two friends who are kind of married to each other. They were living their life happily but then come to an unexpected infection that makes people go mad for blood. The infection causes the infected to look after blood to quench his thirst. The worst part of that there is no hope that the infection can be cured. Sae-Bom also gets bitten but luckily shows no sign of the infection. Sae-Bom then tries to save more and more people from this infection. But there is her ruthless neighbor whom she fears more than anything. This all led to a bloody disaster and things gets worse. The drama stars Han Hyo-Joo and Park Hyung-Sik, who shares amazing chemistry in the drama. The compassion and vulnerability that Hyung-Sik brings to his role are amazing.

Best Korean K-dramas

2. D.P:

D.P is the story of a soldier who gets assigned to the Deserter Pursuit, where his duty is to try to bring back the soldiers who tried to escape their mandatory military training. Mandatory military training can be fun for someone and pain for others If you are not well-built and strong enough to handle the various incidents that happen at the training you will end up in a brutal life The drama also depicts how you get bullied, discriminated against, and tortured by combats if you are not built enough to handle the bearings. The Korean War never ended technically. All able people have to be training for that and D.P depicts some part of that. The drama casts Jung Hae-in in the role of Joon-ho.

Best Korean K-dramas

3. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha:

The drama has been a good dose of entertainment for many viewers. The dramas star Shin Min-a and Kim Seon-ho. The story of the drama is about a dentist who opens a clinic in a coastal place. The place where she opens her clinic is far from her hometown. She has not visited any place in her life except her hometown. At a place far away from his home, she finds a man who changes her view on life. Her life gets change after meeting that man.

The drama is based on a simple idea of different approaches to seeing life. The show is straightforward. This drama shows the idea of a stranger becoming more than family. The show tells the different highs and lows of a person’s life.

Best Korean K-dramas

4. Squid Game: (Best Korean K-dramas)

Squid Game is one of the best shows of 2021. The drama is a thriller represents in the form of the innocence of childhood. it is direct by Hwang Dong-hyuk. it is simply a nail-biting thriller that can blow your mind away. The drama represents the story of 456 people living in extreme poverty. These people are presente with an opportunity of winning a hefty amount of money. The winning prize of the game is ₩45.6billion. The winning prize is big enough for those people to go to any extent. The only thing is that those people have to play a series of simple games to win that. The games are simple childhood games that almost everyone has played in their childhood. The only catch in the scenario is that the losers of the game lose their life as well.

The game doesn’t end happily but instead leaves the viewers with a series of more unexplored questions. The Korean Series is worth binge-watching and is really addictive.

Fun Fact: One of my friends didn’t like Korean dramas. He watched Squid Game because of the hype that it created. After starting his K-dramas journey with Squid Game he is only watching K-dramas.

Best Korean K-dramas

5. Hellbound: (Best Korean K-dramas)

The disturbance and the thrill that Squid Game gives to their viewers might not be the same as what HellBound offers. The thrill of Hell Bound is unique in its way. We in our human life believe a lot in giving second chances to all those who commit sins but what would happen if there is no second chance given. HellBound is a drama based on the lives of people who are scared of going into hell because they have committed a sin in their life The drama portrays the fear and hauntedness that one has to face if they get bound to hell The drama has received great reviews from critics and is one of the best K-drama available on Netflix.

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