Black Clover: Top 10 Strongest Squad Captains, Ranked

Black Clover Captains: Black Clover is a world where magic circulates people and protects the kingdom in everyday life. Clover Magic Captain is one of the fascinating characters in Black Clover. They are by far the strongest in the kingdom alongside Wizard King. Use the weakest to most robust rankings to determine the most decisive captain in the Clover Kingdom.

Black Clover has undoubtedly made a name for itself in the history of anime as a world-class shounen manga. In addition, Black Clover Asta has created a list of the strongest chibi characters who have defeated DBZ Vegeta and AOT Levi. Or maybe you want to know our recommendations for the best anime swordfighters. You have to check it.

Black Clover Captains

Anyway, here’s a list of the top 10 Black Clover Captain Rankings.


He is the captain of the Purple Orca Corps of the Order of the Magic Knights of the Kingdom of Clover, and after betrayal, succeeds Guerdre. He uses potent vortex magic and a considerable mana reserve, and his magical property is to create a magical whirlwind to suppress the magic of others.

I see him fight only when the elves get him to fight Fuego Leon. Because of his mighty defensive magic, people knew him as the “ultimate shield of the kingdom.”

Black Clover Captains


He is the captain and former commoner of the Green Mantis team at Magic Knights in the Kingdom of Clover. Jack is a rival of Yami and fights with the mana blade that comes out of his arm. He has a twisted personality and always loves to cut things with his blade.

Jack Slash Magic is known for adapting and missing everything, including mountains. As he fights, his edges become even sharper than they can survive the magic of the universe.

Black Clover Captains


Charlotte is a lady of the Roseley family, a captain of the Blue Roses of the Kingdom of Clover, and a member of the Magic Knights. She is also one of the people who hosted the elves. Charlotte uses an esoteric type of briar magic, whose important magical attribute is creating and manipulating briars.

Her original thorn bush was red, but she turned blue to heal Roseliei, who influenced her. She spent many years training before becoming a captain.

Black Clover Captains


Boismortier is the captain of the Magic Knights Aquadia team in the Kingdom of Clover and a member of the Royal Knights team. He is also another human host of the elf. Lil became a captain at such an early age and used unique magic called “painting magic”. He can turn what he draws into a spell, which can be any form of the element.

However, Lil lost to Yuno during the Royal Night Trial due to a lack of combat experience. However, after extensive training with the Spirit Guardian at the Heart Kingdom, he became more robust.

Black Clover Captains


William is the first captain of the Magic Knights Golden Dawn Squad in the Kingdom of Clover. He should be the next magical emperor. William also shares his body with the elf Patri, the leader of the Midnight Sun’s Eyes. He uses the esoteric world tree magic that allows him to create and manipulate world trees.

It can absorb surrounding manna and use it on its own, healing multiple people simultaneously. William’s healing is so powerful that he can heal those on the verge of death. He is also a rival of Yami.

Black Clover Captains

05. NOZEL SILVA (Black Clover Captains)

Silva is an aristocrat and the eldest son of Clover Kingdom’s House Silva, one of the three royalty. He is also the captain of the Magic Knights Silver Eagle team and a member of the Royal Knights.

Silva can use Mercury Magic to create and manipulate them as needed. Due to his extraordinary skills in offence and defense, he is often considered as strong as the entire team. The magic of Mercury can be turned into a ball, a shield, or even a giant silver eagle.

Black Clover Captains

04. FEUGOLEON VERMILLION (Black Clover Captains)

Feugoleon is an aristocrat and the eldest son and younger brother of Mereoleona, the home of Vermillion in the Kingdom of Clover, one of his royals. He is also the captain of the Magic Knights Crimson Lion team. It uses the magic of fire and is shaped like a lion. After recovering from the coma, Fire Spirit Salamander decides to serve him. He is a wise captain, and no one judges by their position.

His calm and gathered personality makes him a good strategist in alarming situations, so he is considered the most brilliant captain.

Black Clover Captains

03. MEREOLEONA VERMILLION (Black Clover Captains)

Vermilion is a lady and the eldest daughter of the vermilion house in the Kingdom of Clover. She was also the temporary captain of the Crimson Lion team when Fuego Leon was in a coma. Vermilion is also the captain of the Royal Knights team.

She has a beautiful yet vicious personality. Her motivational technique can be cruel, but her team is critical to her. She uses the magic of fire. The magic of fire can also take the form of a lion’s paw. She is also a master of hand-to-hand combat, a mana zone control expert. She fled; even in the dark games, she was afraid of them. She has the potential to become the next magical emperor.

02. DOROTHY UNSWORTH (Black Clover Captains)

She is the captain of the Coral Peacock team at Magic Knights in the Kingdom of Clover. Dorothy came from the Witch Forest. She is also one of the elf-human hosts. She uses the magic of her dreams and a spell called Glamor World, making it easy to catch her enemies in her plane.

In most cases, she has the advantage of whatever she wants. However, she can summon any creature in her world, which makes her a dangerous enemy.

01. YAMI SUKEHIRO (Black Clover Captains)

Yami Sukehiro is the first captain of the Black Bull team of Magic Knights in the Kingdom of Clover. He is also a former member of the Grade team. He is also a user of the esoteric day-to-day magic, Dark Magic. Yami has mastered both Ki and Mana zones and has a black moon black hole, a spell that eats up everything new. The period can erase the magic of enemies entering the area. 

Yami can also further compress the mana zone and unleash all destructive attacks: Dark Magic: Death Thrust. Yami has never lost a battle and always believes in pushing his limits. In many competitions, his power outweighs most Magic Knights captains. Yami Sukehiro calls himself a magical swordfighter. With slots of that dimension, it can survive spaces, dimensions and even magic.

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