Black Clover: As you know Black Clover is a popular Japanese series

Black Clover: That gain all the attention in just a few chapters. So seeing its popularity its new Chapter 293 has been premiered. All the fans are eagerly waiting for this chapter and want to know its releasing date So, let begin the countdown for Popular BlackClover Chapter 293 as it is releasing soon on May 23, 2021.

As usual In this chapter, we can expect that the battle between Magna and Dante will continue as in the previous chapter ends with a cliffhanger Yet.

Black Clover:
Black Clover Chapter 293 Countdown

In its Previous Chapter The Magna wants to prove himself and shows his ability for deserving to be a member of Black Bull infact. Through this, he needs to fight with the Devils for Membership. Magna and Dante use their powers for winning the position and it continues in chapter 293 Further.

We are all excited to know will they able to the member of Black Bull? What do you think about Black Bull can defeat Dante in chapter 293? For knowing this you need to stay tuned with BlackClover Chapter 293, which is coming soon on May 23.


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