Black Desert Game: Addition of Corsair Class

Black Desert: Pearl Abyss has recently has announced that the Corsair

class now is going to coming to the game Black Desert on the date of June 29.

The Corsair is expected to be available across on the all the consoles (platforms)

which is why Pre-creation has already begun a little earlier on the date June 23

if we compare this with some previous class it is still earlier as compare to them.

Corsair’s best skills comes out with a sword and along with sea which makes her

a superb opponent. She is really so fast and the players can also almost enjoy

the cool ocean breeze through her hair as and when she makes the rains of death

by killing her opponents. She has always say that the sea is her home.

Which is why she is also a fast swimmer and she is able to stay underwater for a

very long which is more than any of the character in the game Black Desert.

Black Desert
Black Desert Online will have Corsair (New Pirate Mermaid) class on June 29

which is presently available the PC.

But The console version which is clearly named Black Desert and is going to

be available for the consoles like PS4 and Xbox One. On the other hand

Black Desert Mobile is now available for operating system namely

iOS and Android if you want to enjoy and play check them out.

You can also check out the official BDO Corsair trailer of Gameplay

which Reveal all the above information is now available over the youtube.

The Corsair class is going to be available in BDO from the date June 29 this year.

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