BLADE ASSAULT – An Action Packed Pixel Art Game

BLADE ASSAULT: Most of the games which have been release in as Early Access most of them

have not offer a lot related to the main game. But still it will be enough to let

the players as to let them see means to say what it is all about.

TeamSuneat is truly following this news and it is planning to have a huge blast

for game or they are going to release its title as Blade Assault.

All of this will come with a big part of content along with plenty more plans

which are yet to come, also all of these will follows the player feedback!

they are from long time are working together with publisher name NEOWIZ

and they are planning to bring it to the consoles like PlayStation and as well as

on Nintendo Switch in the near future.

BLADE ASSAULT Releases Early Access over the Steam

This game is presently still available on the Steam.

This is an action-pack game with rogue-lite platformer which is burst

over on the PC platform along with its 4 full chapters of the game

and also 4 bosses with 3 types of weapons and in total over 50 different

items so as to collect and you can augment this in your characters’ abilities.

It will definitely be a 2D action pack game that is set in a desolate-like

sci-fi world which doesn’t plan so as to hold its punches.

You have to fight against the military of Esperanza who is corrupt.

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