Blood of Zeus: this show is nearly as good as Castlevania because they are available

from an equivalent animation studio blood of Zeus has no business being this good.

I didn’t expect this, Think game of thrones I like the game of thrones but you recognize what else

I like Greek mythology and that is what this is often.

Game of Thrones is legendary for Greek mythology.

they even have a bastard because the main character and he’s even as difficult.

this season towards the top you are like there’s our group and that

I like them I prefer them tons but cartoons and comics aside make no mistake.

blood of Zeus may be a very adult show it’s got plenty of gore.

it’s mostly adult for the gore there’s murder happening everywhere

murder but as far as sexual elements it isn’t game of thrones like that

although there’s a titan who walks around with a like total recall.

Blood of Zeus
Blood of Zeus (2020) – Season Review

You do get to know your basic Greek mythology getting into because this show

hits the bottom running and doesn’t waste precious time with exposition any name tags here.

you got to know who everybody is. I sometimes even know Greek mythology myself. I used to be like okay

that’s that person that’s that god then, I used to be also trying to find my favorites.

I mean you will be happier if you recognize a touch bit quite that but if you’ve seen Hercules

you will be fine and therefore the gods don’t sit on the sidelines.

they were so cool the action I might say animation-wise is on the extent of the last air bender

it had been amazingly cool I suppose it had been fantastic.

although for those of you who watch Castlevania you’re probably like you are not telling us anything

we do not already know grace but I didn’t realize it I even have not seen Castlevania.

I feel the trailer is not good having seen the show

I’m like that was an honest trailer but now that I’ve seen the show you significantly undersold it.

this show and since it’s animated it doesn’t need to twiddling my thumbs.

budget wise I mean it’s rich with the story but to me what I loved

about it’s that it’s rich even richer with visuals and action and world-building it

had been so cool everyone delivers from the writers to the voice cast to the animators.

I cannot recommend it highly enough quite frankly

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