BORUTO MANGA CHAPTER 57: This chapter was very good.

It’s not every day an action-less chapter or episode catches my eye

but this was different I was captivated by Eida.

Nooooo I mean the chapter. I rate this chapter a 10/10. Let’s get straight to the review.

  • The first thing i picked from the first 4 pages of this chapter was that Code is just too confident in his abilities. A flaw that might be his own undoing in the future.
  • In Episode 179, we saw a large transfer portal that the late Victor used to travel to Kara’s HQ In this chapter, we learn that they are scattere all over various locations and it seems Code has somehow deactivated them to make sure Konoha doesn’t gain access to Kara’s base Quite intelligent I’d say Over a year ago, in my review of Chapter 44, i point out that Amado is a shady character and one not to be trusted Darui reiterated that here and I’m glad Naruto and other Kages agreed Even now, Amado’s true intentions and goals are unknown If i remember correctly, Jigen promised to grant him his wish in chapter 39 That wish however, is still unknown.
  • I very much doubt Naruto will be willing to Kill Boruto when/if his Karmic Otsutsuki-fication is complete and Momo takes over his body for good. Sasuke on the other hand would have no qualms with that.
  • I theorize Amado’s daughter is Eida. Well, time will tell. Anyway, the Byakugan weakening drug seems to be very potent. It’d be interesting to see if Boruto takes it or not.

BORUTO MANGA CHAPTER 57: Eida is one hell of a Beauty.

Even without being animate yet, her appearance is simply captivating Well aside from her astrological clothing and insanely short skirt that is It seems Ikemoto hasn’t lost his touch of sexualizing young girls in his art (And please noooo.. My heart hasn’t been ensnare by her beauty). I can confidently say that we have just found the most OP & HAX ability in the entire Naruto/Boruto series.

Even with the flaws of:-

A. Not being able to see the future and not being able to see past the time she was born,

B. Not being able to steal the hearts of relatives and an Otsutsuki, Eida’s ability can best be described

as an insta-kill technique because it simply leaves her victims at her mercy Quite astonishing I’d add.

Having the ability to see and hear every single conversation and event in every nook of the world is simply SUBARASHIIIII!

I bet Orochimaru would have loved to take her body over Itachi’s and Sasuke’s had she been born in that time.

  • I’ve always speculatated that Amado has modified a part of his body. I didn’t think it’d be his eyes. What a genius.
  • Eida’s hate for Amado is very much understandable. The ability to steal hearts at random and the inability to experience true love is quite terrible and pathetic. Boro, Bug and now Code are all victims of this. It reminds me of Jean Gray’s initial inability to control her telepathic powers as she read people’s minds against her will and at random. Damn Amado.
  • I’ve seen people already shipping Kawaki and Eida While it is certainly true that Eida has become infatuated with Kawaki, i find very difficult to see how Kawaki will fall for such a ‘love sick’ girl. Most especially when you consider that she can’t steal his heart and she has just formed a partnership with Code whose main goal is to Kill Naruto, the Hokage whom Kawaki & Sarada respects and adores. But of course, this ship is allow to sail until we see what happens in the future.

The tag team of Code and Eida

The tag team of Code and Eida is now the most powerful in the entire Naruto/Boruto series A combo of Eida’s

and Code’s abilities almost certainly means that the 5 Kages are already doomed What are your thoughts on the chapter?



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