BORUTO MANGA: I’d like to say that this chapter wasn’t bad at all.

BORUTO MANGA: In fact, contrary to the opinions of many others who felt the chapter was boring,

I found it rather interesting and informative, to say the least.

Good enough to earn a perfect rating of 10/10 from me.

Now get your magnifying glasses and as we look to decipher

the info hidden in this chapter.

1:- BORUTO MANGA: The first thing I picked from the first 6 pages was the sheer maturity of Boruto.

  • A boy who truly understands his situation and that of the village.
  • A boy who’s prepared to take the deadliest of risks to protect not just himself,
  • his family, and friends but the entire village at large.
  • To put it idiomatically, Boruto was ready to face the music from any adverse
  • effects of the Otsutsuki-fiction dilution pills.
  • Even Naruto marveled. This was good to see.

2️:-While I truly understood Boruto’s and Sarada’s insistence on

  • the development of skills via the basic training routines,
  • I couldn’t help but agree with Kawaki’s approach & methods here.
  • Most especially when you consider the imminent threat of the Code.
  • Even Mitsuki concurred. Sparring each other is the best way
  • to get yourself battle-ready for a threat that is already at your doorstep.
  • The action they say speaks louder than words.
3️:- BORUTO MANGA: Mitsuki is an artificial human and was always battle-ready
  • and battle conscious… It’s no surprise that he was able to counter
  • and evade Kawaki’s attacks with relative ease.

4:- I don’t know about BORUTO MANGA: you guys but I found Sarada’s constant

  • saucy & sassy attitude towards her team rather annoying.
  • We all know she’s the team leader.
  • We also know she’s been put in charge and all,
  • but it is the job of a leader to listen to and weigh
  • the opinions of your team’s mates before writing them off.
  • To me, it seemed as though Sarada was letting her position as team leader go into her head.
  • She’s got a lot to learn regarding leadership.
5️:- Some people lamented yesterday that while Boruto's decision to resolve
  • the dispute with a battle was good, it was also very unfair as he possessed Karma.
  • Well, here’s what I say to that. There’s no such thing as fairness in battle.
  • It’s either you’re weaker than your opponent, stronger than your opponent,
  • or evenly matched. Also, Kawaki’s scientific ninja tool abilities
  • somewhat give him an edge over Boruto. This brings me to my next point.
6️:- In chapter 51, Amado drew our attention to Kawaki’s feeling of Powerlessness and helplessness
  • as a result of losing the Karma.
  • In this chapter, we see that Kawaki subconsciously and “unconsciously”
  • tried to use the absorption ability of the Kama but then discovered it was gone.
  • I believe Kawaki isn’t over-losing the Kama.
  • I also believe that this is what will make him get back
  • the Karma we saw him within chapter 1…
  • While Kawaki’s feeling of powerlessness and helplessness as a result of the loss of the Kama,
  • a seal he trained so hard for years to master is indeed very much understandable,
  • I believe it’s a good thing. He’d now have to focus on the real training of a ninja and hopefully,
  • he’ll overcome this Kama handicap and will awaken more abilities as time passes.

7️:- Boruto seems to be polishing his talk no Jutsu skills as the series progresses.

  • That last speech was very touching, efficient, and effective.
  • Even Naruto and Konohamaru felt the impact of the speech.


  • What sort of grueling training did Jigen give Kawaki if it wasn’t the basic Ninja
  • training routines we all know? In his battle against Garou, we saw that Kawaki
  • was very fast, physically strong, and could run up a hill with ease,
  • which means he got some sort of Chakra control training.

What are your thoughts on the

Thanks so much for your contributions in advance.


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