BORUTO MANGA CHAPTER 60: For someone like me who always gives high ratings to

episodes & chapters with good action, I’ve got to admit… This chapter swept me off

my feet. Even without any action, it contained more than enough info to leave me

grinning after reading it. I rate it a perfect 10/10. Both stories & the plot were perfectly

put together. Many Kudos to Kishimoto. We are finally starting to feel the power of his

pen. Now get your shovels & spades as we begin to dig for points from this chapter.

1️.) I’ve got to say… Code’s claw mark ability is really something. By leaving his claw

markings on desired surfaces, he can simply move through and from these marks

and can also return to the location of the marks at any point in time no matter the

distance. It’s also possible to bring people through these markings albeit one at a

time. This ability is also not limited to dimensions as this is how he’s able to get to

the Ten tails location Shikamaru likened it to Minato’s FTGT However, I wonder

which is more convenient, since all that is needed with Code’s ability is the placement

of claw markings in various locations.

BORUTO MANGA CHAPTER 60 For a moment there


2️.) It’d also seem that Code was somehow able to leave multiple claw marks at

various locations in the 5 Great nations without detection. As Shikamaru said, it’s

unbelievable the amount of effort and resources the 5 great nations are putting

into tracking and finding just one man. It’s quite hilarious I’d say. Not even the

Akatsuki attracted this much attention until the latter stages of Shippuden.

3️.) This was Ibiki’s first manga appearance. I summise he was responsible for the

interrogation of the aforementioned Kara outers. I mean torturing people is what

this man does best.

For a moment there

4️.) Amado’s promise to help Konoha and the other great nations might truly be

very genuine. However, his refusal to give Sumire explanations as to what he’d

have Kawaki do after his re-acquisition of the Kama leaves me to wonder if

there’re ill intentions and ulterior motives behind all that. His creation of a Cyborg

for Konoha’s sake might be a ‘get out of jail’ card, but as I’ve said for a few years

now, Amado is not to be trusted. Everything about him is becoming more fishy with

every passing chapter Since a Cyborg is half human, half Robot, I theorize that the


person inside that incubator is someone very familiar and loyal to Konoha Though,

from the looks of it, the person in it looks like Delta. The hair i mean. More should

be revealed in future chapters.

5️.) It’s quite funny how Daemon was quick to befriend Code. Well, technically he’s

still a child who loves to play around so it’s understandable. Bug, on the other hand,

didn’t appreciate this goofy attitude of his thought.

For a moment there

6️.) From Code’s observation, it’d seem that Daemon’s reflection ability kicks in

automatically regardless of his intent This simply means that any attempt to harm

him will immediately trigger a reaction just as we saw him do here. Quite a

troublesome ability I’d say.

7️.) Code was quite clever with his ploy at making Daemon disclose more info on his

abilities. However, Eida was even more clever as she prevented her brother from

revealing the full workings of his abilities. She knew Code couldn’t be trusted yet and


interrupted the conversation accordingly. I’m quite certain that Daemon’s abilities

have a weakness and this was what Code was trying to get out of the naive child.

Being under Eida’s love spell was bad enough, Code couldn’t let the same thing

happen with her brother too after witnessing his abilities first hand. This is why he

used a sly tactic to try to make the boy reveal his weaknesses. Good thing Eida is

quite an intelligent girl.

BORUTO MANGA CHAPTER 60 For a moment there

8️.) Kawaki’s situation in this chapter was somewhat similar to Naruto’s as a toddler

when he was ostracized and feared by the villagers Only Kawaki’s situation here is

less cruel than what was done to Naruto. But it’s still very much understand why he

feels lonely, left out, and out of place in the village.

9️.) The love, warmth & care the Uzumaki family showed Kawaki here was the

ultimate highlight of this chapter It was very touching in every aspect Not only

has Kawaki finally been welcomed officially as a member of the Uzumaki family,

but he’s also truly become Naruto’s son and Boruto’s & Hima’s big brother. In short,

a deep-rooted bond was established in the last pages of this chapter. And even

though insurmountable problems may come in the future, this family looks set and

ready to face it together.

10.) Like Dom from Fast & Furious, I very much respect the power of family, love,

and unity. However, I believe these three alone won’t be sufficient enough to stop

Kawaki from accepting Amado’s offer as future events unfold There’s also Boruto

who’s taking the Byakugan suppression pills and is starting to show tiny signs of a

side effect. It’d be interesting to see what more intrigue Kishi has in stock for us.


1.) Kishimoto is writing a hardcore of a maze storyline here and is doing a wonderful

job at keeping fans glued to the series. I don’t think we know what to expect or

predict anymore.

2.) With the deepening bond of love & care in the Uzumaki family right now, I am

moved to wonder and ask what exactly went wrong in the future that lead to the

tragic and calamitous events of chapter 1 and episode 1? What on Asgard could

have led to the complete destruction of Konoha and excited the animosity between

Boruto & Kawaki? As an optimist and a positive person, I am gripped with fear at

the thought of this.

Thanks so much for your answers and contributions in advance.



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