The start of the Boruto manga series ushers a new era in the Shinobi world that has received unprecedented peace and prosperity all thanks to the hero the 7th Hokage – Uzumaki Naruto.

More than a decade after the fourth Great Shinobi War his son Uzumaki Boruto is now leading a new generation of ninjas who are all hungry to make a name for themselves raring to step outside the shadows of their predecessors.

And together with Sarada Uchiha (the daughter of Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura) and the Mitsuki (the son of Orochimaru), they have become the latest reincarnation of Konoha power trio.

New Adventure and Mysteries awaits for Uzumaki Boruto & gang

While review’s haven’t been that good for the current manga series largely because it’s first four chapters are basically just a retelling of the Boruto Naruto the Movie it nevertheless provides several question’s that has already piqued the curiosity of it’s readers.

New chakra wielder to be introduced At the beginning of the original New Naruto series it is mentioned the Shinobi world is consists of five great nation (Land of Fire, Wind, Earth, Water and Lightning). Then the Samurai’s were introduced before the start of the 4th Shinobi world war.

The first six page of the Boruto manga series suggest that it will the introduce another type of chakra perhaps a new race.

Uzumaki Boruto dreamt of an older self fighting with a guy named Kawaki. Like his foe, he’s sporting a sigil tattoo’s that spreads all over his arm, face and chest. Kawaki claim’s that with his power he will end of the era of all shinobi. Uzumaki Boruto on other hand, insists that he remains to be a shinobi despite attaining that kind of power.

What does this mean? Have Kawaki and Uzumaki Boruto transcended the power of a shinobi?

Unlocking Byakugan’s true power Again in Uzamaki Boruto’s dream or vision of the future he has apparently unlocked the true power of the Byakugan giving him enormous strength. Among the all three great dojutsu, the Byakugan is considered by the many as lesser type.

But by simply comprehending the immense aura coming from Uzumaki Buroto upon activating his Byakugan it’s easy to say that it has become more powerful than the Sharingan and the Rinnegan. Has he activated the Tenseigan? Probably not since Uzamaki Boruto’s Byakugan’s eye pattern isn’t similar to that of Toneri Otsutsuki.

The fate of Naruto and the Shinobi World With the impending destruction of Konoha at the hands of Kawaki the future of the shinobi world appears to be in complete threat.

The bigger question is the what will really happen to Naruto? Will he die as Kawaki claimed in his face off with Uzumaki Boruto. These are the important points Uzumaki Boruto manga must answer down the road. Who knows how long this spin off will the last, but Ikemoto has to give his readers clarity through and the through or else Naruto’s legacy will be tarnished forever.


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