Malvern East (It’s a lot of build-up I know, but trust me it all ties in).
All of Jiraiya picks were wrong because none of them fulfilled their part of the prophecy, not one of them ‘brought about a great change the likes of which the world has never seen before.’ Now let’s analyze each of Jiraiyas picks, and see what they’ve achieved. Minato, who was Jiraiyas 1st pick, who was a natural genius, who single-handedly defeated 1000 enemy shinobi and ended a war, who went on to become 4th hokage, still didn’t achieve anything on the scale predicted in the prophecy. That doesn’t sound like pioneered change. Jiraiya’s 2nd choice, Nagato, who was chosen because he had the rinnegan, who became misguided, who later became the leader of the akatsuki, who then attacked the leaf, who got manipulated by Obito, still didn’t bring about the level of change foretold by Gamamaru. Then we have Naruto Uzunaki, Jiraiya’s 3rd pick, who’s a jinchuriki with 9 tail fox, who defeated pain, who revived ninshu during the war, who gained six paths sage mode, who resealed Kaguya and also ended a war, who kept his promise and brought back Sasuke to the leaf(even if for a short time), and who achieved his dream and became hokage, still didn’t do anything that was new, or on a grander scale than anything before. Ninshu isn’t a new concept and has existed for a long time. Also, out of all his feats he still didn’t raise the overall bar considering characters such as Hagormo and Hamura and Kaguya. So again by definition of what the child of prophecy was supposed to do, we clearly see that they all failed to create change on a big enough scale that was entirely different from anything before.
Now as I said earlier, prophecies can be interpreted in several ways, and dreams in general are often ambiguous. So in episode 8 of the boruto anime, we were given a new prophecy that was also delivered and interpreted from inside a dream. A prophecy about a GUIDE(aka the jougan aka Boruto’s eye) that takes you to new dimensions, new worlds,‘seeing all things in this universe.’ This new prophecy was written in the stars., which clearly would predate Gamamaru himself, let alone his dreams and would definitely be on a scale greater than anything before. It’s because of this that I believe Boruto to be the one true child of this new prophecy, and thus the
savior of the world.


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