breaker Hulk defeat Thanos: Recently If you have read Marvel comics.

breaker Hulk defeat Thanos: then you must have read about the strongest and most powerful form of Hulk Indeed.

But even if you have not read any comic yet then I am here to tell you about It in brief.

actually, World breaker Hulk is the most powerful form of hulk which hulk achieves

when his anger goes out of control to such an extent that he starts emitting gamma

radiations around at all and this hulk has many more extraordinary abilities

also Like his extraordinary regenerating abilities I think even in one of

the marvel comics this world breaker Hulk generated himself even from his skeleton further

and this world breaker easily defeated iron man hulk buster and doctor strange together

so you can now estimate that how powerful this world breaker Hulk is in fact.

And now coming to the question on the one hand that would this world breaker Hulk be

able to defeat Thanos truely. So the answer is yes this hulk would easily defeat Thanos

as we have all seen the power of gamma radiations recently when Thanos used

the stones to their actual full power and then it released so much gamma radiations

that Thanos was almost Like half dead and then if we consider the fact that world

breaker Hulk releases gamma radiations then we can already imagine the effect of

breaker Hulk defeat Thanos
Who is world breaker Hulk? Can world breaker Hulk defeat Thanos?

these gamma radiations even on the strongest villain of MCU.

Then Thanos and so as to add another detail the power of world breaker Hulk was so much

that he was able to move the entire planet with his power which is in the marvel comics

edition recently and now we can easily tell that the power of world breaker Hulk would be

way too higher than Thanos and hence he would easily defeat Thanos at last.



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