Bright: Samurai Soul is new upcoming anime series of Netflix which is based on Netflix’s 2017 live-action movie titled Bright.

The story of this anime is describe as, Izo and a Ronin, Raidena and an orc, work together

so as to bring a young elf girl. therefore, the baton she carries to the land of the elves within the north.

during its Geeked Week livestream, Netflix had announced that it might be stream a new anime

movie named Bright: Samurai Soul announced on Thursday.

The Movie is expect to be a spinoff for the 2017 movie Bright which was a live-action movie

that had starred cast of Will Smith and Joel Edgerton.

Netflix knows that anime series has infinite possibilities and opportunities.

Bright Samurai Soul might release somewhere in the month of November or December 2021

And that is why it is trying to push the medium volume of animes to its limits over the past several years.

Now, it looks like the streaming service is prepare to spearhead a replacement original series to support a well-known franchise.

BRIGHT: SAMURAI SOUL (2021) Series New Netflix Anime

Will Smith’s Bright be getting it’s an anime spin after all. It might follow two heroes on its journey so as to bring a lost girl back to home.

it had been there fans learn that the Bright: Samurai Soul which is being work on behind the scenes.

it’s set within the same world same as the live-action genre Bright movie.

At now, little is understood about the movie.

The anime is going to be direct by the famous Kyohei Ishiguro. It is consider to be one among several projects which are being worked on behind the scenes at Netflix.

May be this samurai tale might suit you And if you are the one who is interest to watch Bright before this spin-off goes live. You can binge it now over on Netflix.

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